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Every partnership is a step towards a brighter tomorrow. We choose to stride hand-in-hand with Enki, fueled by our joint commitment to rewilding the beauty industry. This collaboration isn’t just about our businesses; it’s about the impact we create together. Collaboration sparks innovation, igniting a blaze of ideas and solutions. By joining forces, we unlock a treasure trove of knowledge, insights, and best practices. This exchange isn’t just creative; it propels us towards pioneering approaches that redefine industry norms. With Enki by our side, we are not merely writing a new chapter in beauty; we are co-authors of an industry-wide transformation, setting a precedent for sustainability and inspiring others to join the movement.

What is rewilding the beauty industry?

Rewilding the beauty industry is a growing movement to deconstruct and challenge toxic and harmful practices and societal norms within the sector and embrace natural ingredients, ethical sourcing and sustainable approaches. While there will certainly never be a definitive list as to what it means to rewild the beauty industry, and the movement will continue to evolve and develop as new challenges arise and wisdom grows, we've put together some of the things Bluem believes will aid in this transformative shift within the beauty industry:

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