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Article: Letter from the Founder

Letter from the Founder

Imagine walking into a chemist or Sephora and everything on the shelves is based on plants and reconnecting people with nature? I can’t help but believe this would have a compounding effect on healing the relationship we have with ourselves, and having a deep knowing of our belonging in this world.
The reason for this seems simple: the more we observe nature, the more we begin to identify with it. We start to understand that we all form diverse expressions of the earthly elements, we develop trust in the time it takes for deep healing, we are able to appreciate ourselves holistically (imperfections and all), and marvel at the sheer miracle it is to exist in the first place. But where does that fit in with a culture that has been based on telling us we are too old, too wrinkly, and too lacking in whatever they’re selling us?
It’s true - in 2024, many of us see ourselves as separate to nature. Many of us, as well meaning as we are, still flinch with guilt at the prospect of putting humans and the environment together. We are told that at worst we are poison, and at the very least - unhelpful. The guilt and blame has created disconnect and collapse in what I believe is a human's innate desire to grow in synergy with the earth.
So what if we decided to reprogram, reconnect and re-wild our way of being? What if, healing the relationship with earth can mimic the relationship we have with ourselves? That instead of working against our skin - applying strict protocols, overwhelming our cells with a ‘more is more approach’, chemically stripping back only to attempt to replenish artificially when our skin was doing just fine on its own (and for free). What if we came to work with the skin. And develop a loving, personalised relationship with our plant allies and your inner being. What if humans were actually put on this earth to support its evolution, and that we can, in fact, create a positive impact on our world?
I believe this is where re-wilding begins. It begins with accepting that we are a part of the ecosystem, not above or separate to it. It is deepened by our returning to the responsibility of caretaking for this earth. And it is secured when we make meaningful endeavours every day to heal our relationship with the earth and ourselves.

Journal prompts:

Where do I feel most wild and free in my life?
Close your eyes and visualise yourself as a plant. Draw or describe it.


Find a natural creation from the earth. A leaf, shell, sand, stick, whole tree, pot plant, etc. Write 10 descriptive words to a paragraph about it. The colour, smell, shape, feeling, a message it has to depart with you. Go wild.
Are there any words you have written that you also identify with? How is your perception about the plant obtaining these qualities different to yourself? What can you learn from this plant? If this plant had a message for me, what would it say? What do I intuitively feel this plant could be helpful with? Answer one or all.
e.g. a pink cosmos sits on my bathroom bench. The flower is dying, slightly browning, it’s a miracle how this flower holds the seeds to reinvent itself over and over again. If it doesn’t, it will decompose into the earth and add to the soil and replenish the ecosystem regardless. The pink makes me feel sweet, romantic even. This energy feels healing for my heart. (I will later look up the medicinal benefits of cosmos and it will speak to reducing blood pressure and antidiabetic amongst other things). It makes me wonder, how can I give back to the earth in my passing?
If you feel called to share your journal responses, we would love to invite you to tag us on social media. One of the many reasons why we started Bluem to was to help heal our relationship with ourselves, and the planet. Hearing from you, our beautiful community, serves as a perfect reminder that we are on the right path. So, from the bottom of my heart, and my team's hearts, thank you. Thank you so standing beside us on our mission to rewild the beauty industry. We are eternally grateful and excited to see what wild and wonderful adventures this journey will take us on.
With love,

Monny x

(Founder of Bluem)

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