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Article: BLUEM x ENKI: Inside the apothecary

BLUEM x ENKI: Inside the apothecary


We’ve built Bluem on a philosophy of transparency and integrity, drawing from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to present a beauty line with a mission to rewild the beauty industry. It’s important for us to connect with those whose values deeply align with ours, which is why we entrusted the team of herbalists at Enki and their profound wisdom, to create our latest potions. 


Enki is home to a team of herbalists who believe in working with the power of nature and the elements to create transformative and meaningful offerings for everyday benefit. As part of their ethos, Enki is committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients from nutrient-dense soil, and taking a sustainable approach to sourcing and production. Their farm and apothecary is based in Daylesford, Victoria, where they employ a garden to glass extraction process to ensure their offerings shine with the beauty and potency of these botanical allies. Their creations use wild harvested, certified organic, or plants grown in their garden with care and adoration. 
Their mission is to inspire a more conscious approach to purchasing decisions, in pursuit of shifting the paradigm in how we, as a collective, think about and relate to the products that we use in our daily lives. Because this is their life long journey, they are consistently deepening their study of spagyric extraction, alchemy and working with enhanced energetic tools to embody the esoteric nature of alchemical science into their offerings. 


At their biodynamic farm, as herbalists, they deeply understand each plant they grow and how best to harvest it for optimal health. This ensures their plants are stronger, resulting in higher potency for their products. Enki prioritises ethical practices because any lapse would impact the quality of what they offer. In their 40-year history, they have never used harmful agricultural chemicals, maintaining a clean track record. Their approach involves biodynamics, which is like enhanced organic farming. This includes observing astrological alignments and using traditional methods. Think of biodynamics as astrology for agriculture, combined with herbal medicine principles. Enki plans and observes everything on their farm with this in mind. Their process involves making herbal extracts to improve soil quality and nutrition availability. Essentially, everything they do and grow is biodynamic, rooted in herbal extraction and astrological planning.

On the Enki Farm, we've established a closed-loop system that ensures sustainability and minimal waste. All the water we use for distillation is recycled, making our process incredibly efficient. Currently, we use gas for heating, but within a year, we plan to transition to a closed-loop methane system produced right here on our farm. The only part of our loop that isn't closed yet is this gas use, which will soon be eliminated. Every bit of herb material is utilized fully, leaving no waste behind. Any leftover material is composted and returned to our biodynamic garden, completing the cycle. Distillation typically requires large amounts of water, but we've managed to recycle it all. In fact, very few distillation companies worldwide are recycling water like we do. With our two 200,000 liter tanks, we've used about 40,000 liters for our operations, and we continue to use and recycle that water today. Our closed-loop system reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible herbal production.

At Enki, we engage in the ever evolving experience of working with nature. Taking inspiration from Paracelusus’ revolution in Europe from the 15th century onwards, we thank the predecessors of modern phytochemistry for their mystic acceptance of the relationship between consciousness and matter, something that modern physics is just starting to reason with now. The information decoded by those like Paracelsus, Valentine & Steiner was handed down from the ancients, who evidently had a profound and advanced understanding of the universe, nature and humanity’s place in it.  As we deepen our experience and knowledge, we are able to build on these ancient disciplines of spagyric extraction and biodynamic farming with modern discoveries and techniques, like vacuum distillation, soil microbiology, frequency resonance enhancement and biophotonics.


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