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Article: founder montana x The Melissa Ambrosini Show discuss: What The Mainstream Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

founder montana x The Melissa Ambrosini Show discuss: What The Mainstream Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Recently our founder, Montana Lower, sat down with bestselling author, TEDx speaker, coach and podcast host Melissa Ambrosini on The Melissa Ambrosini Show to delve into all things natural beauty, the challenges that may arise in ethical and sustainable skincare practices, Bluem’s journey towards creating a natural sunscreen(!!), cyclical living and life as a mindful mum and business owner. Listen in as Montana unravels the myths both surrounding and perpetuated by the mainstream beauty industry.
"How we treat the plants and the bioavailability of them in their end source is really impacted by its journey from seed to skin. So rewilding the beauty industry for us is also about connecting to the origin story of the plant." - MONTANA
Hear where it all began—the origins of Montana's journey into the realm of beauty, forming our mission to embark on a transformative quest to rewild the beauty industry while finding our the eye-opening truths concealed and ingrained within the mainsteam beauty industry. Delving deeper, they dissect the ethical considerations inherent in crafting natural and sustainable beauty products, shedding light on the challenges encountered when bringing such products to market and helpful resources you can use to navigate green washing and clean washing in beauty products.
And, in the very spirit of Bluem and knowledge sharing, the two chat on advice for budding entrepreneurs, particularly those wanting to create space in the natural beauty industry. These insights are intertwined with musings on the challenges and revelations of motherhood while running a business, reflecting on the ever-pervasive feeling of "mum guilt" and evolving perspectives of nurturing children while working. 
Listen here, you can also hear Montana speak with Superfeast on Rewilding the Beauty Industry here, and motherhood and business with The Road To Wisdom here.

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