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Face & Body Oil

Nourish, Hydrate, Rejuvenate.
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In a world where the sandalwood industry leaves behind scars of deforestation and mainstream moisturisers are composed of inconsequential filler ingredients, Buddhawood emerges as a sanctuary of responsible self care and generational healing.

Our Buddhawood face and body oil is designed to provide deep nourishment, relaxation and protection for the energetic and physical being. Designed with intention for a layered experience on top of your favourite water based serums, this elixir is to be reached for whole body hydration and seasonal nourishment.

BLUEM Buddhawood Face & Body Oil
Buddhawood ~ Face & Body Oil Sale price$62.00 AUD Regular price$89.00 AUD



Our Buddhawood Face & Body Oil is a lightweight, cold pressed oil blend which combines the nourishing properties of Organic Hemp Seed oil and organic Macadamia oil, infused with the rare and captivating aroma of wild Buddhawood and its essential oil. This oil is beautiful for those with healthy skin who are seeking a little extra moisturisation and deep hydration. Designed to be enjoyed all over your face and body to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and deeply hydrated. Rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3, 6 and 9) and moisture locking properties, the non-comedogenic Hemp Seed and Macadamia oils work in synergy to help contribute to a healthy skin barrier function, and maintain its natural hydration. While the ethically sourced Buddhawood adds a gentle and earthy aroma to create a grounding experience.


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