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Article: Our End Of Year Wrap Up 2023

Our End Of Year Wrap Up 2023

Well here we are, the end of another year when I swear it was only just getting started. It feels surreal that it has been an entire year since the last December Solstice, where we celebrate with our annual 30% off site wide sale (ends Sunday!) I don’t know about you, but this time of year always feels a bit like a void to me. A space we enter into as we feel our flesh and bones melt and recalibrate to be rebuilt once more.
As we journey through the void of integration, we revisit where our soul has travelled these past 12 months. We connect in stillness to our centre and allow ourselves to dream for the year ahead and if we’re lucky enough, we give ourselves the opportunity to contemplate on whether we need to realign, water some seeds more than others, or burn everything to ground in the areas that need it.
Personally this year has been so transformative for me. As a collective we stumbled through re-entering the world after a long strange period of isolation, our work swayed and established a new rhythm, we have all felt the impact of increased cost of living and there is a war going on just over the ocean, and likely more that we just don’t know about. If it feels like a lot, it is.
Amongst all of that, we laughed so hard until we cried and then cried some more for good measure, our hearts expanded in some ways and contracted in others, we loved, we lost, we desired and we danced ourselves to complete bliss (if you haven’t yet now is your chance).
Throughout all of the changes in seasons and sceneries, there have been a few things holding it all together for me - my girls, the land and of course, my skincare.
It’s a funny thing to include your skincare in the list of your glue-like essentials. But truthfully, being able to connect with plants with such ease for the daily ritual of balance and nurturing has been such an anchor for me. And being the creatrix who birthed the Bluem movement, it also means I have the honour in guiding the vision for the new year.
So I wanted to share some of my goals with you, and invite you, if you feel called, to come on this journey with me.

My goals for 2024:

  • To create the first of its kind, actually natural sunscreen that is traceable & ethical
  • A goal to donate $50,000 to grass roots charities
  • Establishing a rhythm for our business that works in tune with our cycling women (inclusive of working from home when bleeding and/or days off)
  • Establishing a closed loop system for our bottles
  • Doing the opposite to what capitalism and western society suggests and sharing our innovation & discoveries with other aligned business’ because I believe when one of us rises we all rise together, especially when it comes to sustainability
  • Continue to bring community together in heart opening spaces, as we expand and heal together.
Don’t forget that our 30% off Solstice Sale ends New Years Eve, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to Bluem - this is it! I hope wherever you are, you are finding peace and integration over the coming days - even if it’s just for a moment. Thank you for being here with us and believing in the dream.
With love,
Montana (Founder Of Bluem)

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