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Beautiful Kumi, Could you please share a little piece of your heart and soul with us? Please introduce yourself and share with us the vivid palette that defines your unique energy.

My name is Kumi (久海), it means eternal ocean in Japanese. I specialise in Japanese nail art and Japanese nail technology which focuses on the health and maintenance of the nails. I love to learn. Anything and everything. I feel like I have a new hobby every week or a new historical obsession. I love people too, that very grounding knowledge that every person has a whole life that you don’t know everything about. I just love it.

Your artistic style and medium choice are wonderfully unique. What inspired you to venture into the realm of nail art? Would you mind sharing the journey you embark upon when it comes to your unique nail concepts?

Nail art was always a form of self expression for me. Wearable art. The idea that individualism could be expressed in every part of us down to something as small as your nails. I love to be inspired by nature, there’s interesting organic shapes, colours and textures all around us. I’ve had nail ideas come to me in dreams before, you could say I’m pretty obsessed with nail art.

Self Love shoots can be such a beautiful journey, blending intimacy with artistry. How was the shift from being the 'artist' to embracing the role of 'muse' for you? Can you share any surprising or special moments from the shoot where you felt a profound connection to yourself or the art?

It was very strange and surreal to be in front of a camera again. I’m usually the one behind the camera when I shoot nails. I’ve only just embarked on a journey of genuine self love, being comfortable in my skin and finding an appreciation for myself and my face. I think having my art with me, a set I am enormously proud of, allowed me to be much more comfortable. Also the Bluem team and the Vert team on set were phenomenal! Such a comfortable environment, being with friends, you feel so much less vulnerable.

Is there a Bluem ritual that deeply resonates with you? Does it inspire anything?

I’m actually particularly obsessed with Finger Limes. So naturally the Bluem Nurture Ritual is right down my alley. I have incredibly sensitive skin too that I can never find products for so the entire ritual has been the perfect addition to my new self love journey.

What does Self Love mean to you? And are there any unique ways that you practise self love?

I think my idea of self love has evolved so much. It used to be about transforming myself into someone I thought I could love- which would’ve meant becoming an entirely different person who looked nothing like me and had none of the same experiences. I’ve come to realise that self love is more about acceptance and nurturing. I practise self love in a few ways now, skincare is my usual go to because it helps me feel refreshed and clean, which allows me to feel more confident and calmer. I’ve also been practising self love in the form of thoughts, reducing negative thoughts, thanking myself for small things. I think a huge part of that is the love I receive from my partner, realising that he is a whole person who does love me ceaselessly and completely. If I’m worth that love from him then surely I’ve got something worth loving myself for.


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