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Article: Earthly Embraces Collection ~ back in stock

Earthly Embraces Collection ~ back in stock


We’re so excited to announce that our Anjuna ‘Earthly Embraces’ Collection is back in Bluem! After completely selling out within 48 hours, it became clear that this ‘limited edition’ collection deserved a second release. We’re deeply moved and grateful by the beautiful response we received to our one-of-a-kind collaboration with Byron Bay based artist, Anjuna Hartlieb, that celebrates the interconnectedness of our natural world and all living things. We've heard your requests loud and clear - so here they are!
We can’t make any promises for how long they will be in stock, so whether it’s a gift of self love for yourself, or maybe a special surprise for a loved one this holiday season, be sure to act quickly to own your very own unique piece from this limited series.

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