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As the days grow shorter, and the temperatures drop, changes in the skin are your body's way of guiding you to discover ways to better nurture yourself. It seems as we bid farewell to the warmth of summer, dry skin emerges as a common concern. So how can we create resilience in the cooler months, safeguard our health, find comfort in our daily rituals, and nurture a radiant complexion by locking in moisture? In today’s Self Love Journal, we explore how dry brushing and our Buddhawood Face & Body Oil can help you keep your glow through the winter.


As the seasons change, our body adapts to the shifting external conditions, with our skin serving as the crucial connection. Dryness varies from person to person and can stem from various factors like cool weather and wind, which can hinder blood circulation and result in dry skin. Additionally, changes in humidity and shifts between indoor heating and outdoor cold can exacerbate skin dryness, requiring additional support from both topically and internally to restore moisture balance.
Recognisable signs of skin dryness include: rough, flaky, tight, irritated and dull skin. To combat dryness, focus on enhancing overall immune health through physical activity and movement to increase blood circulation, and ensuring proper hydration—both internally and externally.



In the challenging dryer months, your skin's lipid barrier can become compromised, leading to increased moisture loss and susceptibility to environmental stressors. Enter our BuddhaWood Face and Body Oil,  rich with the essential fatty acids found in Hemp and Macadamia oils, it acts as a protective shield, preventing transepidermal water loss and protecting against external aggressors. By sealing in moisture and enhancing barrier integrity, our Buddhawood Face & Body Oil can help your skin stay hydrated, resilient, and radiant, even in challenging conditions. **If you’re experiencing dryness due to skin inflammation (breakouts, redness,sensitivity, or reactive conditions like eczema/rosacea/dermatitis), it’s important to work on healing and strengthening your skin barrier first. *Please see Finger Lime Repair Serum




How can regular dry body brushing help prevent skin dryness? Beyond its whole body exfoliating benefits, this ritual sparks your body's circulation into action. Enhanced blood flow can play a vital role in preventing skin dryness by promoting the delivery of essential nutrients and hydration to the skin cells. As circulation improves, oxygen and nutrients flood the skin, which is necessary for cell repair and regeneration. Plus, dry body brushing helps your body to detox, flushing out toxins to leave your skin looking radiant. As if that weren't enough, increased blood flow prompts the skin to produce its own oils, sealing in moisture and keeping dehydration at bay. So, elevate your skincare rituals with dry body brushing and unveil skin that's vibrant and nourished.


Skin care isn’t only skin deep, so it’s important to holistically address your ‘whole’ body to nurture your health through the cooler months. To navigate this seasonal shift with grace, it's essential to nurture your body from the inside out. Here's a list of lifestyle adjustments and nutritional habits to incorporate into your rituals to combat dryness and ensure your body stays hydrated and radiant all season long:

Boost water intake throughout the day:

Start your day with 500ml of water first thing in the morning
Add lemon or lime, apple cider vinegar, or celtic sea salt to improve absorption
Make it easy by having water nearby in vessels you love

Eating habits:
Prioritise warm & cooked meals
Avoid drinking fluids while eating meals
Limit Caffeine intake
Increase healthy fat intake
Lean towards hydrating season fruits & vegetables
Consume iron-rich foods
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