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Article: Aquarius cosmic love letter

Aquarius cosmic love letter

Dearest Aquarius, our cosmic waterbearer; you pour so much of your soul into life, nourishing everything you touch. Guided by your own truth, there is a raw magnetism in the way you dance to your own rhythm. With an unwavering pursuit of life's magic, please never stop questioning the enigmas of the universe and pushing the boundaries of the unknown. Your soul is made of galaxies, bursting with eccentric wisdom and out of this world deep thinking; our very own manic dream pixie.

There is a cosmic rebellion about you; like a wildflower growing in all of your unique colours, not even the darkest parts of the universe can stop your brilliance from bravely thriving wild, abundant and free. The way you so selflessly wrap your heart around those more vulnerable to relieve any heaviness, is so pure. You hold so much power in your curious perspective and kind heart, intertwining your passions with your infinite dreams; everything you touch turns to art. With a smile that can take anyone's breath away, your charm and altruism inspires us to be better, and want better for this beautiful world.

Thank you, our celestial visionary, darling Aquarius; for sharing your unique outlook and free-spirited nature with us, and your deep desire for healing the collective. There is an art in the way you so independently carve out your own path, evolving, and rebelliously spreading your wings to be the change maker we have always dreamed of. Your energy is liberating. We will never stop admiring the beautiful way your spirit holds the weight of the world, so the earth can breathe. You are our divine awakening, our purpose, our wildflower and the queen of the revolution. The magic you hold inside of you is beautiful.

Love Bluem x

Beautiful image series by Alex Pails @alexandra_jannee


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