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Article: How to shine through a skin purge

How to shine through a skin purge

Have you ever heard of the term ‘skin purging’? You may find when switching to natural and potent products, your skin goes through its own natural purging process. Purging can occur when your skin reacts to an active ingredient that encourages a detox response, and promotes cell renewal to restore and regenerate the skin surface. This can result in your skin shedding dead skin cells or breaking out in blemishes. So how can you shine through a skin purge?



"At first my skin purged for a week and I was thinking maybe it wasn’t for me… I was hesitant about using bluem consistently, I’ve stopped and started a few time and only recently committed in the past 4 months but the results speak for themselves."

- LILY KENNARD (@lilys.face)

Experiencing a skin purge, as unpleasant as it may be, is a healthy and normal reaction to active ingredients. It’s a good sign that your products are working just as they should to detox your skin cells to restore and regenerate your skin barrier. This detox promotes a more radiant, healthy and refined complexion. The aim of skin purge is to rapidly increase your skin cell turnover, which encourages the expulsion of dead skin cells, excess sebum, toxins, synthetics and bacteria.

We are all unique, and for this reason everyone will experience a skin purge differently. You may experience a number of different reactions ranging from black heads, white heads, blemishes, excess oil or even dry flaky skin - or you may experience nothing at all! The good news is that skin purges are temporary and may only last a few days to a few weeks - with the benefits well worth the detox.

So how can you shine through a skin purge?

Tread lightly and slowly introduce active and effective ingredients (like Bluem) to your skin ritual. A gradual introduction will help to avoid overloading your skin cells. We recommend using your intuition and only applying every second day while observing how your skin responds and adjusts. Favouring a more simple and natural skin ritual (and limiting how many toxins/products you use daily) will support your skin during this period.

Slowly over time your skin will find a beautiful balance and harmony while allowing you to experience your natural shine, beauty and light. If you’re unsure if you’re experiencing a skin purge, please reach out to our team for support. Our Bluems have been formulated by our leading skincare specialists and contain highly therapeutic active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that work on a cellular level to detox the epidermis and rehabilitate the skin barrier, to promote healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.



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