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Article: Returning to Home - our self love ritual

Returning to Home - our self love ritual

Re-introducing our simple, natural, self love ritual. Simply put, they’re like nature in a bottle. Pure. Potent. And as close to nature as possible. Call it ancient wisdom for modern times. 

We believe that self care should be simple. Which is why we will always stand behind the water soluble serums that make up our Self Love Ritual - everything you need for a simple, natural, effective skin care routine (that actually works). Everything else is just a beautiful added bonus.

We believe in this ritual because it's more than just skincare; it's a return home to yourself. When your skin craves nurturing, Finger Lime is there to help to create a resilient skin barrier. When it yearns for rejuvenation, Kakadu Plum answers creating a glowing complexion. It's about protecting your skin while letting your natural glow shine through.
When creating our serums, our mission was to be able to extract the essence of a plant in extremely high potency, as close as possible to how they would exist in nature - and we have done just that. These potions are 99.8% active, free from unnecessary filler ingredients and toxins, and are water soluble, meaning they can impart part of cellular soul onto yours - effectively delivering hydration and potent nutrients deep into the skin. We like to think of them as our skin's daily dose of vitamins.
So here's to long term healing solutions that support you through all your rhythms and cycles. And to sending our skin some love for all that it does for us. So as long as you keep it simple, and return to nature, you will always be in Bluem. 

How to Intuitively Guide Your Self Love Rituals

Take a moment for yourself, create a healing space - light a candle, put on some music or get out into nature. Say 3 positive things about the skin you're in, what makes it unique and beautiful? While our skincare is not prescriptive we've put together some questions to help guide your ritual, ask yourself:

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