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Article: New season of Bluem coming soon...

New season of Bluem coming soon...



New Season of Bluem coming soon...

Who are you when the world goes quiet?⁠
When no one but the moon is awake?⁠
Do you remember?⁠
Do you give yourself the chance to?⁠
In a wold that thrives off your disconnection,⁠
and seeks safety in caged women.⁠
Find the truth in your reflection.⁠
Free yourself of inhibitions.⁠
Your power lies in your intuition.⁠
Do you remember?⁠
Tonight as you go to sleep,⁠
you enter metamorphosis.⁠
Tomorrow, you awaken anew.⁠
And as the light creeps in over the horizon,⁠
let it flood the cracks you have left broken.⁠
Feel it softly.⁠
Traces who you have almost forgotten.⁠
And whisper...⁠
I remember.⁠
I’m wild within.⁠
I’m wild within.⁠
I remember.⁠
- Montana Lower (Founder of Bluem)

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