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Welcome to Blaine Jossie, the muse behind our Bian Stone Gua Sha Campaign captured by the talented Dean Raphael in the Thailand Jungle. Our community is the heartbeat of our existence, which is why exploring the lives of the muses, creatives, and voices that inspire us daily brings us into a deeper connection with our own essence and the beauty of nature. Our commitment runs deep, particularly in supporting and spotlighting empowered women who lead lives filled with purpose, creativity, and intention. By investing in these women today, we wholeheartedly believe we are sowing the seeds for a brighter future, both for their communities and our shared planet.
Could you please share a little piece of your heart and soul with us? Please introduce yourself and tell us about the unique colours that paint your world.
I'm Blaine Jossie, a multiracial South African embodying a rich ancestral blend of Asian, African, and European descent. My life is a canvas adorned with the vibrant hues of diverse experiences and unbridled passion.
How has your time in Thailand influenced your connection with nature, and what elements of the natural world resonate most with you on a personal level?
After a transformative spiritual pilgrimage, I currently reside in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Here, nature has become a profound influence on my daily rituals. The lush landscapes and serene environments have deepened my connection with the natural world, particularly resonating with the calming embrace of forests and the rhythmic flow of rivers. This land has inspired me to delve into the undeniable power of nature as medicine, serving as a catalyst to pursue my passions and purpose in plant medicine.
Self Love shoots in nature are such a beautiful and intimate way to reconnect to yourself, nature and art. How was your experience shooting with Dean Raphael in the Thailand Jungle?
During the photo shoot with Dean Raphael amidst nature's beauty, I felt a profound connection with my inner self. There was a harmonious flow in the creative journey, a moment where I sensed a seamless blend of self-discovery, nature's essence, and the art we were creating.
Is there a Bluem ritual that deeply resonates with you? Does it inspire anything?
One Bluem ritual that resonates deeply is slowing down and using the Gua Sha. It inspires me to be present and connected with myself, concluding the day by gazing into the mirror and reciting specific mantras, creating a unique synergy between ritual and personal expression.
What does Self Love mean to you? And are there any unique ways that you practise self love?
To me, self-love involves nurturing the core of my being, embracing both strengths and vulnerabilities. Practising self-love takes various forms—from pray // mindful meditation and listening to my intuition to consuming nourishing foods, moving my body, and engaging in creative pursuits. Each is a deliberate act of honouring my well-being.
Thank you for the opportunity to share a glimpse into my heart and soul.

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