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Article: How to tap into your inner knowing

How to tap into your inner knowing

Living intuitively transcends time, space and reason. It opens a dialogue to the subconscious, a profound sensing granting access to insights that arise from the depths of the soul, unbound by the limitations of prior knowledge or the five senses. To tap into your intuition can take time and must be cultivated through a sense of surrender. Intuitive skincare is about tuning into your skin's needs, sensing its cues, and nurturing yourself from the inside out. In this week’s Self Love Journal we delve into how to tap into your inner knowing, and embark on your journey towards intuitive skincare:

Get to know yourself

Intuitive skin care begins with self love and self awareness. The first step is to stand in front of the mirror and take yourself in, your skin in all its glory - try to make time to do this once daily. Make time to truly get to know your skin; its unique characteristics, sensitivities, markings, imprints and features. By developing a deeper connection with your skin, you can better anticipate its needs and tailor your skincare routine accordingly. 

Put negative self talk to rest

We're often our own harshest critics, especially when it comes to our appearance. Negative self talk, brash and loud, makes us unable to tap into the subtler, much quieter voice of our intuition. Instead of fixating on perceived flaws or imperfections, practice self-compassion and kindness to drown out your inner critic. When standing in front of the mirror each day, dry to say one positive thing about your skin and genuinely feel it. Embrace your skin for its resilience and beauty, the practice of intuitive skin care must come from a place of love and acceptance.

Cultivate your heart language, from here Self Love grows.


In a world that prioritises external validation and continuously evolving standards of beauty at break-neck speeds, it can be challenging to trust our own instincts. But intuitive skin care is about giving yourself permission to break free from conventional norms and listen to your inner voice. To do this you must surrender, listening to your heart over your head. Trust that you know what's best for your skin, and have the courage to follow your intuition, even if it means going against the grain. Your soul knows it to be true.

Ask Yourself

Intuitive skin care is all about curiosity and inquiry. Instead of blindly following the latest skincare trends or recommendations, ask yourself questions. How does your skin feel? What does it need right now? By engaging in a dialogue with yourself, you can uncover valuable insights, and discover what truly works for your skin.

Be Present

Our skin, like the seasons, is constantly changing. What works for us in one season may not be as effective in another. Intuitive skin care invites us to live in the moment, recognise the subtle nuances of our skin’s cravings and adapt our rituals accordingly. Pay attention to how your skin responds to different factors, both internal and external, and adjust as needed. By embracing the ebb and flow of our skin's natural rhythms, we can cultivate a deeper sense of harmony and balance.


Imagery by @asimplerperspective of divine muse @bri.freee

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