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Article: Why Skincare is a Spiritual Practise

Why Skincare is a Spiritual Practise

Our skin, the largest organ of the body, is a barrier between our internal and external worlds, it is something both public and so deeply personal all at once. While topical skin care is able to heal the skin externally, they cannot work to address the distressing feelings of not being good enough, the weight of shame, and cycles of endless comparison. Our internal realm can often be reflected upon our skin, and holistic healing requires more profound remedies. 

Shifting our focus from how our skin looks on the outside, to what it reflects about our inner self, lets us begin on our journey of self love. How you perceive your skin, something so very visible to the outside world, can impact the way you carry yourself and the way you move throughout life. This can manifest in hiding, putting things off until you perceive that your skin is “healed”, or different, or better in your view - rather than embodying your true self, and living the life you want now. Our skin can be viewed as the physical embodiment of our innate self worth.
Shifting your skincare mindset is so important for holistic healing and wellness. Instead of approaching skincare as a daily errand to fix perceived flaws, use it as a daily ritual and engage in it as an act of self love and nurturing. Practise mindful mirror time - instead of scrutinising your skin, gaze upon your reflection with love, gratitude and acceptance, appreciating the uniqueness that makes you who you are. This can be done through mirror gazing meditation - the act of standing directly before the mirror and taking your own reflection in for a few, conscious minutes, be gentle with yourself and embrace self-compassion and forgiveness. Try integrating positive affirmations about your skin, and loving talk about the skin you’re in into journaling.
By treating skincare as a spiritual practice, you can transcend anything surface level and tap into deep layers of your being. It’s an invitation to address emotional wounds, to cultivate self love, and to foster a sense of self in your continual transformative journey. By nourishing and nurturing your skin, you’re nurturing such a vital part of yourself - bridging the divide between the physical, emotional and spiritual. 

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