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Our dearest Virgo, the divine goddess of the zodiac; the destiny in your honest eyes and ethereal energy is so pure and compelling. You bloom so brightly in all the little details, wearing respect on your sleeve and holding the hearts of those you love with such gentle care. Our beautiful maiden, your grounded soul is an expression of divinity and wholeness; you’re always observing and living fearlessly in your resilience and grace.

You love with true precision and virtue, teaching us the power in prioritising what is most important to us. So raw and tender, you listen to everyone’s heart and allow wisdom to spill out of you when you unfold your wings. The way you intertwine your compassion into all aspects of your practical nature; you cultivate the life you know you deserve by being fiercely self sufficient. Women admire the sacrifices you make for the collective, and bask in the goodness in your heart. Your mind is but a kaleidoscope of meticulous intelligence, wisdom and truth. 

Thank you Virgo, our celestial goddess, for showing us that women are not to be underestimated. Your nature empowers us to know our worth, and you teach us all the ways to be resourceful, motivated and strong. You are a masterpiece, our lovely Virgo; please never forget to be gentle with your soft and tender heart, and brave while you endure your strong-willed thoughts that charge the air around you . So loving and supportive; our wise maiden, powerful deity and magnetic soul - your spirit is pure poetry and magic.

Love Bluem x

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