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Article: Unlocking Your Skin’s Potential ~ The Magic of Water-Soluble Serums

Unlocking Your Skin’s Potential ~ The Magic of Water-Soluble Serums

Did you know that water-soluble products have the ability to penetrate deeper into your skin because of their molecular structure? Our Bluem Serums and their active ingredients are more readily absorbed than oil-based products, effectively delivering hydration and potent nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin to help enhance your natural radiance and protect your skin from dryness.
Two of the most important principles for effective skincare products are hydration of the skin and lipid barrier protection, and understanding solubility is key to optimising the effectiveness of your skincare rituals. The skin receives natural hydration from both oil and water. Unlike oil, the skin can’t produce water by itself and the only way to increase hydration is through either consumption (at least 2 litres of water paired with a fresh and healthy diet full of variety) or through topical application of water-soluble products (like our potent plant potions). In contrast, the skin’s pores naturally produce oil with the principal role of moisturising and safeguarding your skin.
Dehydrated skin is solely from insufficient water content, often leading to dullness and tightness, which may even persist despite the application of moisturisers or creams. This dehydration can be attributed to numerous factors, such as excessive sun exposure, damage caused by free radicals or poor diet and alcohol consumption. This lack of water within the skin cells can contribute to premature ageing and impair the skin’s protective barrier function, leading to breakouts, dryness, excess oil production, increased sensitivity or reactive skin conditions. 
With dehydration having such a significant impact on the overall health of cells, it’s therefore extremely important to regularly apply water-soluble products containing active nutrients that can be absorbed by the skin, think of them as your skin’s daily dose of topical vitamins, while oil soluble products are like an added bonus once your skin cells are healthy.
Our hero Finger Lime Repair Serum provides an everyday hydration boost and is loaded with potent water-soluble phyto-compounds that work beneath the skin to provide deep hydration and repair your skin barrier function. Pair your plant potion with 2 litres of clean water daily and your skin will be eternally grateful for it.
Magical imagery by @moonlit_minx_photography of divine muse @petra__crosby

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