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The Matriarch uplifts and protects her tribe with all of her reverence and love, but sometimes she needs a moment to pause. Embrace and honour your divine feminine gift you offer to the world. Breathe deep and let this lavender infused candle take you elsewhere and as it burns a tea cup is left behind to honour your feminine rhythm with cyclical herbs. Finish this practice with the power of Kakadu Plum to re-ignite your internal flame and remember, You are held here.

The Matriarch Ritual has been created with intention to keep you and your loved ones grounded this Holiday season with value aligned brands who deeply care about you and the planet. We wanted to help you take the guess work out of gifting with this limited edition ritual featuring a Vessel Ceramic Lavender Teacup candle, Innerbloom Cyclical Teas and Bluem Self Love Ritual designed to support the Matriarch in your life.

Exclusively available online at a very special price of $199 (usually $239) with free shipping worldwide.



Take a moment for you, and step into a sacred space away from the world. Light your handmade ceramic lavender candle and connect with your bare feet on the floor. Take a deep breath, feel your heart rate slow, and let yourself drop into this magical moment of you.



Feel into your feminine cycle and intuitively choose the tea most supportive for you. Breathe the steam as you let it brew and be nourished by naturopathic herbs that are here to support you, and wherever you’re at in your cycle.



Begin your Nourish Ritual and let our potions take care of you. Apply 3 drops in the evening or under the eyes, to wake up feeling revitalised. Take a moment to calmly breathe and enjoy your simple self love routine.

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