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Article: The difference between cruelty free and vegan

The difference between cruelty free and vegan

You cannot be truly mindful of your impact on the Earth, if you do not care for all of its inhabitants. At Bluem, we ensure that no animals are involved at any step in our formulations. No testing, no by-products, no need. We really believe it is that simple and as a result of this, we are being globally Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.


Did you know the terms ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’ are not synonymous? This is something we find not many people are aware of, and it is important to understand the difference between the two. When a product is considered ‘cruelty-free’, this means that not only was there no animal testing when creating the product, but the brand itself needs to be entirely cruelty-free. Whereas ‘vegan’ means that the product contains no animal-derived ingredients which can include some forms of hyaluronic acid, retinol and glycerin (we use vegetable glycerin!).

The large difference between these two terms is that an entire brand needs to be ‘cruelty-free’ for their products to claim this label, however individual products can be considered ‘vegan’ even if the brand uses animal-derivatives in other products. To be considered ‘100% vegan’ (like us!) the entire brand cannot use any animal-derivatives in any of their products.



I am not the type of person that normally dreams, but when I do, it’s always the same. It’s me and horse, together, not just in flesh but in our spirits, running across an open sky of space in the most golden part of the day. And it’s in this dream that I feel more alive than I do asleep, I feel completely, wholeheartedly free.

I read once that horses are mirrors of life, they know who we are and show us by treating us the same way that we treat ourselves. They don’t lie to impress us, or try to win over our approval, because they understand life. They don’t hold life in boxes of expectations, rather they live in their moment-to-moment experience of what is here already. Through trying to understand them more I have come to notice that what separates us from horses is our attachment to expectations of life. Our attachment to what’s to come and what has already been. And it is this clinging to possibilities of the future that cause us to suffer. Unlike we do with them, horses don’t expect anything from us or their future. They allow us humans to come as the person we are already, not who we are trying to be or who we want to become. They are holders of this sacred, rare space of vulnerability and acceptance to be who you are. They are open to not just the good and beautiful but the pain, ugly and everything in between.

Horses know that who you are is enough for them, that by you simply being yourself, they are satisfied. Because horses don’t have any kind of crisis, or identity issues, they know their purpose. They don’t have pressure on themselves or you to change, or improve. They know that this life is just here to be graciously lived. Horses empower me to live my life boldly. Horses teach me how to feel free. 

"May we include not just humans but ALL beings in our circle of compassion."

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