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Article: Taurus Love Letter

Taurus Love Letter

In honour of all our beautiful Taurian women,

and our fierce founder ~ Montana Lower.

Dear Taurus woman, 

Our strong willed, original earth goddess. You are the ultimate lady of leisure, embracing all the finest things in life and living completely by your own truth. 

You are such a soft and wild thing; you empower women with your resilient nature and grounding presence. You are fiercely independent and unapologetically yourself. So steady in your soul and free in your spirit, you are not easily influenced and always chose quality over quantity.

Tending to the rhythm of nature, you have a beautiful air of calm surrounding you. Your tenacity and gentle force allows you to hold your own and persevere; working hard so you can indulge yourself in the most lush comforts life has to offer. 

Like a wildflower, you are delicate and tough all at the same time. Ruled by Venus, your earthy sensuality is undeniable. You love passionately and want to be loved passionately in return; and why shouldn’t you, our Queen Taurus.

You have a deep reverence for rest; placid and resourceful, you inspire others to slow down and embrace the beauty that is all around. As a goddess of the earth, you feel most at home surrounded by natures beauty. 

Thank you, our lovely Taurus for showing us how to romanticise the simplicities in life; for empowering women all around to embrace their truth and to stand their ground, and for inspiring every queen to wear their crown. You have a breathtaking sunflower as a soul, both beautiful and resilient.

x Bluem

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