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Article: Skin Healing Series: Supportive Skin Care

Skin Healing Series: Supportive Skin Care

Supportive skincare isn't about purchasing a range of abrasive skincare products or manipulating the skins appearance. It's instead a philosophy based on working alongside (not against) the skins natural functioning to optimise its health. The skin is already equipped with all the benefits we seek from our complicated skincare routines and procedures, it just needs some extra support in optimising it’s natural functions through deep internal work, and a less is more approach when it comes to topical skincare.

As Naturopaths, we are always looking at the underlying reasons as to why the skin is responding in a certain way. It's important to understand that the body sends signs in the form of symptoms, to inform us that something isn't right. We need to look at skin imbalance holistically, to begin to understand what the body is trying to communicate, and what form of support is needed. 

 How can we work with our skin and not against it:
Words of love daily – thoughts are powerful 
Deep inner work to correct underlying health imbalances
A topical reset – less is more 
Clean and natural ingredients
Often through healing the skin, we heal the whole body, and embark on a journey of growth and transformation. 

Our skin is unique. It represents our internal world, our ancestry, our community, and the environment we live in. It wears our experiences of life, and we need to start wearing these like a badge of honour. Our freckles scatter as they celebrate all our outdoor adventures, our lines carve out all the expressions we have made and all the emotions we have felt. What a privilege it is to age and experience this world. 

The skin can tell us a story of what’s going on with our health, why we might be feeling off, and invites us to go deeper to heal hidden health imbalances. How lucky are we to be given the signs that direct us down a path of discovery.

We however live in a society influenced by media and advertising, which can make us believe that we all need to look a certain way, with images of flawless, pore free skin plastered over our social media, making us all feel bad about never achieving an unrealistic, and outdated beauty ideal. Let us all start to ask ourselves questions as to why we keep engaging in this distorted beauty culture, and what would happen to us if we disconnected from it? 

Beauty can be seen in the radiance of spirit, the glow of health, the celebration of individuality, and in a life that has been lived and loved. We need to be revelling in our differences, embracing our unique skin texture and tone, and sending our skin love for all it does for us. Our skin, the protector, shielding us from harm and allowing us to touch, feel and engage with this beautiful world. 

Unique, colourful, textured and worn. 

The skin, our life’s work.


Dreamy image series of @izzyhitchcock captured by @sampeaty 

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