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Article: Skin Healing Series: Detoxifying the Skin

Skin Healing Series: Detoxifying the Skin


We live in an environment that is increasingly becoming more toxic. We are constantly exposed to external toxicity through air pollution, sprays on our foods, cleaning products, textiles, and self-care and body products. These not only place extra pressure on our body’s internal detoxification systems, but also on the strength of our largest organ of elimination, the skin.

We are conditioned to reach for interventions when we feel we need to support our skin, but the issue is a lot of the products and procedures offered to us on the market end up causing our skin more harm than good by:

Damaging our protective skin barrier
Stripping our natural hydrators
Impacting our natural lipid barriers and sebum production 
Unbalancing the pH of our skin
Disrupting our skins   microbiome balance 
Increasing our susceptibility to infection
Note: Everything we put on our skin will alter our skin microbiome and barrier function - even water. 

By permeating and damaging the very barrier that they are trying to protect, these products and procedures can create space for potential skin conditions to arise. 

Our body is constantly expelling waste products via the bowel, kidneys, lungs, lymphatics and of course the skin. If we aren’t supporting the internal health of these systems, then they can become easily overwhelmed. When our elimination and detoxification pathways aren’t functioning to their full capacity, waste products can build up in the body, increasing toxicity, and leading to congested, inflamed skin. 

How can we reduce the toxic load on our bodies both internally and externally?

Start to become aware of what’s going on the skin & simplify skincare routines. 
Make the switch to more natural products (for the skin, body, hair, and home). Start to make natural products or choose brands with minimal ingredients. 
Make sure makeup brushes are clean and let go of expired products.
Drink 1.5-2L of water a day. 
Get enough fibre into our diets in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. 
Remove inflammatory foods and drink (refer to our last journal).
Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly or purchase spray free or organic if possible. 
Move the body daily. 
Implement a self-massage ritual to promote lymphatic movement. 

     When in doubt come back to the foundation of simplicity. Less is more when it comes to supporting our skin holistically. 

    Written by Huna Armstrong and Kat Bibby from TOTUM NATUROPATHY

    Self Portrait image series captured by the beautiful @marsbudge


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