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Article: Shaping the world you want to see

Shaping the world you want to see


Today, 100% of all SALES (not profits) will be donated directly to the Lombadina Community Aboriginal Corporation.

By now you all know the benefits of Kakadu Plum, but did you know that whilst Australia’s native ingredient industry is growing at a rapid rate, Indigenous representation in the supply chain is less than 1%.

Without investment, this percentage will remain dismally small - this is our opportunity to contribute to the initiatives of First Nations land owners, champion local and ethical supply chains, and celebrate thriving Indigenous-owned and run businesses.

From being on the ground, our time on Bard Country with the Lombadina community allowed us to understand the process of harvesting the Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) found in our Bluems. We got to see the ways in which support could help enhance infrastructure, ensuring sustainable harvest practices remain consistent for a thriving future. This project, working with the foundational support of our extraction partner, NATIVE EXTRACTS, will aid with positive ecological and social change. With investment from brands and consumers, we can shape a world we wish to see; an economy that empowers First Nations people and prioritises ethical supply chains, contributing to sustainable harvesting processes and best caring for our planet.

Lombadina is not a charity, they’re the most trusted caretakers of their land with wisdom flowing through every heartbeat of their community; their self-governance is of utmost importance. Offering our serums as a donation today, we're also forging an ongoing partnership with the community, ensuring that the precious Kakadu Plum (Gubinge) reaches you with the utmost integrity. Through this commitment, we wholeheartedly contribute to the long-term growth and protection of indigenous-owned land. 
What can you do to make a difference?
By purchasing our Bluem today you can directly support the Lombadina Community, and indigenous-owned farming practices. 

You can also ask the big questions: Where does your skincare truly come from? Do you know where the ingredients were harvested from? Were the farmers paid a fair wage? Did they manage their own lands? How are their harvesting practices? Do they sustainably harvest the ingredients to ensure the land remains fertile or do they take everything until there is nothing left? Are they sprayed with pesticides until all their nutritional value is depleted? And what of the packaging? Where did it come from? Are the materials recyclable or biodegradable or will they just go to landfill to remain for the rest of eternity? Do these brands invest back into the people and the planet? Are they actively working towards net zero?

You dictate what you want to see in the world, the power is in your hands and together let’s shape a world that has increased transparency in supply chains - calling on brands to change their focus, a focus on localism and prioritisation of positive social and ecological impact over pure profit. By championing these principles, we can pave the way for a future where businesses embrace responsibility, accountability, and sustainability. It's time to shift the paradigm, urging companies to not only measure success by financial gains but also by the well-being of communities and the health of our planet. Let's forge connections between consumers, producers, and policymakers, fostering a global movement that propels us towards a world of shared prosperity and a thriving environment for generations to come.

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