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Article: Mother Nature as a tool for self love

Mother Nature as a tool for self love

drawing parallels between our inner & outer landscapes

“Our physical body is like a beautiful plant pulsating with such sensitivity, millions of nerves, tiny, sensitive cells; our mental body an endless landscape of imagining, our emotional body a space of rich, raw and wild emotionality, our auric selves in total, a tantric playground of pleasure. All we have to do is feed our minds with the good stuff and reawaken our imagination. 
If we allow it to, pleasure can hold us and shape us.
We need pleasure, so we can build this earth anew.”
~ Love Isabella @forthemystic
Unlocking the transformative power of self-love, Mother Nature gracefully reveals herself as a guiding force, weaving connections between our inner and outer landscapes. Picture the world around you as a mirror, reflecting the beauty and serenity that resides within your own being. Just as nature thrives when tended to with love and care, so too does your inner world flourish when nurtured with self-compassion and acceptance.
Embracing the soothing presence of nature, immerse yourself in her gentle embrace. Observe the way the trees sway with the wind, demonstrating resilience and grace amidst life's challenges. Draw inspiration from the blooming flowers, as they unfurl their petals in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Nature teaches us that true beauty lies in embracing our uniqueness and accepting ourselves, flaws and all.
Just as nature's landscapes offer solace and renewal, so too can you find sanctuary within your own being. Explore the depths of your emotions, knowing that like the changing seasons, they too shall pass. Allow yourself the space to heal, grow, and evolve, knowing that within you lies an innate capacity for resilience and transformation.
Incredible photography by Isabella Wilde  @forthemystic of divine muses @joellamay and @lilyrhiannon_ in collaboration with @thehemptemple

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