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Article: Seed to Skin

Seed to Skin


Montana Lower DIRECTOR Cooper Lower

In a world where people are losing their connection to nature, a transformative movement is taking shape. At Bluem, we’re on a mission to rewild the beauty industry, a journey to revive the true essence of clean skincare, integrity and transparency across our entire supply chain.

With this as our vision, we deeply respect and prioritise working with First Nations suppliers and native plants on local, Australian soil. We recognise the invaluable contributions of those who have been stewards of these lands for generations, and the inherent wisdom of these ancient cultures. This mission goes far beyond sustainability, it encompasses a deep respect, cultural preservation and collaboration with the Earth and its people.

As a small business, connecting with aligned partners is integral for ensuring our values are honoured and protected. Our work today would not be possible without the foundational support of initiatives like NATIVE EXTRACTS, who empower First Nations growers by developing primary industries and innovative extraction processes that maintain the highest bioavailability of these native superfruits. From seed to skin, each product we craft is a tribute to wisdom passed down through generations, with a deep consideration for scalability to ensure economic sustainability and health. 

At Bluem, we are dedicated to sourcing natural ingredients from local communities, like the Kakadu Plum, locally named Gubinge, which has been a vital resource for the Bard People of the Lombadina community for countless generations. With its fruits filled with antioxidants and the highest known source of vitamin c, the Gubinge also holds an entourage of benefits for its Northern Australian ecosystem. With harvest, each member of the Lombadina community is intimately involved throughout the process - from nurturing the land, to developing educational and physical infrastructure.

 During the vibrant summer season, the community embarks on a journey guided by traditional practices to locate and hand-pick the Gubinge fruits from trees scattered throughout the land. With utmost care and respect, they ensure that only the highest quality fruits are picked, leaving the rest to process on the trees naturally. This ensures the longevity of the plant and secures fruit for future generations. These hand-selected fruits then undergo Native Extract’s innovative extraction process, capturing its potency to be lovingly poured into our bottles.

Bluem is more than just a brand; it is a bridge—a bridge between the past and the future, between cultures and generations. Together with our incredible community, we strive to create a naturally centred beauty industry that works hand in hand with First Nations growers, promoting inclusivity and mutual growth. We explore the depths of transparency, revealing the profound rewards that come with conscious choices. 
Thank you for continuing to join us on this transformative journey to rewild the beauty industry. This mission will be ever-evolving - continually working to re-define, re-educate and re-empower. Together, we believe we can make a lasting impact, always champion integrity and restore our connection to nature. Together, let’s rewild the beauty industry.

Special thanks to the Bard People of the Lombadina Community for welcoming us onto your Country. It has been an extraordinary privilege to learn from your ancient wisdom and the profound connection you hold with your Country and traditions.

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