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Heart of the ocean, and queen of the deep; our divine Scorpio - your alluring aura can brighten even the darkest of nights. Nothing compares to the intense love and deep devotion you have for your loved ones; there is no in-between with our dear Scorpio. Like a tropical storm resting out at sea, your energy brings the perfect amount of warmth, beauty and electric chaos. So tender and strong all at the same time, thank you for being our anchor, guiding us beyond the surface and taking us to the depths of your mysterious soul.

Your passion sears through your veins, and like an enchanting siren, your gaze hypnotises all those you pierce with your presence. You teach women to be precise and intentional, and how to love with unfaltering loyalty. Your intuition is unrivalled, and your many layered spirit presents a calm and mysterious intensity to the world. You are a force to be reckoned with and unafraid of using your Scorpion sting to protect those you love. The way you unfold yourself from the submerged depths of your internal world, and bloom with such fierce magic, teaches us that we too can persevere and push through.

Thank you, our magnetic muse, our soulful Scorpio; you hold our hearts with such a tremendous amount of care. You teach us how to embrace the hidden mysteries of the cosmos, to move with their expansive forces, and to let our ambitions burn bright. Being loved by you feels transformative, like we’ve been wrapped in a magical protection spell; your energy feels like home. Thank you for inspiring us to harness our internal powers, to embrace intuition to go in pursuit of our destiny, and to allow our souls to catch fire with a love so deep we were yet to discover it. Our strong willed enchantress and our deepest desires, our dear Scorpio, you are pure magic.


Love Bluem x

Magic captured by @hazilyfilm of our beautiful muse, @a11i8

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