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Our dear Sagittarius, the fire within you burns so brightly. With the universe in your eyes, and wanderlust searing through your veins, your soul aches to adventure. So curious, you are destined to travel. Please never stop exploring every corner of this wild world, and losing yourself in the beyond; our fierce dreamer. Untamed and free, you allow love to burst out of your chest. Your energy is abundant, inspiring us to take risks, chase our dreams and taste the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.

Our divine conqueror, thank you for teaching us to breathe deep and go where we glow. Your free spirited nature, strong mind and pursuit for the truth ignites the passion in your soul. Like a bird, you were not made to be caged. Our ride or die, with wings wide open, you know how to take life into your hands so you can flourish and bloom. You were made soar, our dear wanderer. Your warmth wraps around the ones you love with such strength; thank you for picking us up when we’re down and never allowing our wings to be clipped. 

Your mind is a masterpiece, our darling Sagittarius, like a tapestry weaving magic and knowledge like no other. Your soul blazes through this world like a wildfire; you cannot be controlled and refuse to let anyone dim your sparkle. The way you discover all the colours of the universe and divulge them for all to see, so that we too can bask in the rainbow is the most beautiful gift. Thank you, our wildly optimistic freedom seeker, for lighting the path with your vibrant glow, for wiping our tears with all your love, and showing us how to find the magic even in our darkest hours. Our rebellious adventurer, bloom wild and burn as bright as the sun; Sagittarius, you are pure gold. Never stop dreaming.

Love Bluem x

Magic image series captured by Freya Haley from @hazilyfilm

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