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Article: Pisces Cosmic Love Letter

Pisces Cosmic Love Letter

Dearest Pisces, our cosmic dreamer; your ethereal nature and spiritual soul creates such a softness in this heavy world. You wear your vulnerability on your sleeve, and hold the mysteries of the deep in your heart. You’re the discovery of magic in the imperfections; like a rainbow over the ocean after a storm, or the beauty in the cycle of life. Our true romantic, your mind feels at home floating between the cosmic realms, drifting into otherworldly planes.

With wonder in your eyes, every part of your being radiates a pure and glowing love. Your presence feels like poetry; like an ocean song flowing from the depths of the deep blue whispering sweet nothings in our ears. You would hold the weight of the universe to make the world a little softer, teaching women to tread lightly and float through the ebbs and flow of life. You have woven the entire ocean into your love, giving you the ability to hold the hearts of those near you with such sensitivity. It’s a blessing to feel everything so deeply, of seeing the magic in places people overlook. No one can see what you see, even if they’re looking too. 

Thank you, sweet Pisces, our dreamy intuitive for sharing your whimsical magic with us all. Our celestial psychic, you embody true wisdom and creativity; possessing the innate ability to awaken the imagination in all those you charm with your presence. You are the mid morning sun glistening on the ocean, and the pastel gradients in the sand at dusk. Your soul blooms so sweetly, reminding us that it's okay to become soul tangled in our wild desires, and ache for distant worlds. You are our pure, love drenched dreamer. So many sweet moments in life are made up of you.

Dreamy image series captured by @georgialilly_

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