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Article: Our Mother's Day Nurturing Gift Guide

Our Mother's Day Nurturing Gift Guide

This month we’re basking in the radiance of the mature feminine, embracing her divine power and wisdom. Our culture’s fixation on a perpetual summer has deprived women of the chance to live cyclically and harmonise with the natural and internal rhythms of our being. But within us all, a yearning stirs, urging us to connect with our true nature, to embrace each day’s growth, and to honour the changes in our mind, body, and soul.

As Mother's Day draws near, let us shower ourselves and those who may be struggling with gentle kindness. Remember to meet yourself in the quiet and breathe in the abundance and trust that lies within you. Embrace your full being, with all its light and shadow, and be kind to yourself when uncertainty leaves you wandering in dark corridors. Nourish yourself, mind, body, and soul, with love and tender care.

The concept of the Mother encompasses a vast range of forms and expressions, from the devoted caregivers who have nurtured us, to the magnificence of Mother Nature herself, or the powerful, compassionate, full bloom feminine life force that exists in all of us. How can we show we care to those who have offered us their tender nurturing, loving protection and unwavering support?

Kakadu Plum ~ Nourish Ritual

Our eyes are windows to our soul, and the skin around them is a delicate treasure. Our Kakadu Plum serum, abundant with Vitamin-C, is a soothing and gentle balm for the under-eye area. It can awaken collagen, granting vitality and resilience for a firmer, smoother, and more radiant skin. Embrace the joy of growing into your skin, as you celebrate reduced dark circles and fine lines. Let Kakadu Plum nourish your under-eyes and watch its natural radiance and glow unfold. We've paired it with our Pink Himalayan Clay Konjac Sponge and Soul Soap in our Nourish Ritual, to further elevate your Self Love routine. Shop it here.

Ceramic Lavender Candle

Transform your tea time into a sacred ritual with a Tasmanian Lavender candle in a handmade ceramic cup by Vessel Pottery. As the candle burns down, and its flame flickers out, your ritual need not end. The vessel, lovingly crafted by Vessel Pottery, from recycled Australian Clay, becomes a chalice of intention, waiting to hold your tea or elixir of choice. Shop them here.

Gift Card

Give the gift of Self Love this Mother’s Day. Let your beloved choose the perfect natural, sustainable and ethical ritual that speaks to their soul, leaving them feeling cherished and adored. Available site-wide across all of our Bluem products and offerings. Shop here.

Ceramic Altar

Transform your mother's space into a sacred haven for her belongings. Our ceramic altar and incense holder is not just a vessel, but an invitation to practice self-love and stillness in her daily rituals. Breathe deeply, placing a hand on her heart, and let the mind's chatter fade away. Our handmade vessel, crafted with loving intentions from recycled Australian Clay by Vessel Pottery, will inspire her to arrive fully in the present moment. Shop it here.


Want to shop local? Here is our current list of beautiful wholesalers located around the world.

The Matriarch uplifts and protects her tribe with all of her reverence and love, but sometimes she needs a moment to pause. Embrace and honour your divine feminine gift you offer to the world. Breathe deep and let this lavender infused candle take you elsewhere and as it burns a tea cup is left behind to honour your feminine rhythm with cyclical herbs. Finish this practise with the power of Kakadu Plum to re-ignite your internal flame again and remember, You are held here.


Beautiful imagery by @dani_bains_creative of divine mama @alignedwithzarna

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