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Mothers are like wildflowers, growing in all of their colours, delicate and resilient; and whilst they dance throughout the Earth, nurturing those they love and protecting us from the storms that roll through, we mustn’t forget to nurture them too. 
To ‘Mother’, means to nurture, care and protect; and one day is never enough when it comes to celebrating and honouring all the important maternal figures who raised and loved us. Whether that’s the divine mature feminine figure who has been your guiding light and support, your best friend who has provided comfort and care through every moment, or the person who deserves the most love and nurturing of all, yourself. Here are 3 ways you can Nourish your ‘mum’ with Kakadu Plum.

1. Nourish your décolletage

The skin on your décolletage has a similar consistency to your eye area, with little oil glands and is often exposed to harsh environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution. Extending your skin rituals down your neck and onto your chest can help sustain skin vitality, firmness and elasticity, encouraging the celebration of growing into your own skin. Kakadu Plum is nature’s best source of Vitamin~C, designed by the divine to help you grow gracefully by stimulating collagen to help smooth fine lines, and help to reduce pigmentation that may occur. Kakadu Plum is also rich in antioxidants which work to fight off free radicals (environmental aggressors) that can cause damage to your delicate décolletage.

2. Aid with Scarring

By regularly using our Kakadu Plum serum, which is packed with nourishing Vitamin-C, you can provide your skin with the support it needs to aid in the healing and recovery of wounds, regaining its natural strength and vitality. As a result, you may notice a reduction in the appearance of scars, helping you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

3. Eye-serum

The skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on other parts of our body, which is why it is so important to be gentle when applying products in this area. Massaging the rich Vitamin-C found in our Kakadu Plum serum to the delicate under-eye area can stimulate the production of collagen to help improve your skin’s vitality and elasticity. Combined with the rich anti-inflammatory properties to aid in the reduction of puffiness, the Kakadu Plum serum can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines to encourage the celebration of growing into your skin ~ resulting in smoother and firmer complexion. Let Kakadu Plum nourish your under-eyes and thank us later for the natural radiance and glow.⁠

Photography by @hazilyfilm featuring
founder Montana, her mother Ange and daughter Blue

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