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Step into the captivating world of Nina Schmid, the enchanting muse at the heart of our Lotus Wood Body Brush campaign, beautifully captured by the talented Dean Raphael on the serene shores of Thailand. Delving into the lives of inspiring muses like Nina fosters a profound connection with our own essence and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Working with, being inspired by and empowering women to step into the essence of themselves will forever be at our core and it means the world to us to share the wisdom of our muses with our community.
We are truly interested in your unique story. Could you please introduce yourself and paint a vivid picture of the distinctive colours that illuminate your world?
My name is Nina, I'm a 25 year old Austrian artist and my passion is to birth beauty into the world with my creations. I grew up as the only child in the Austrian Alps, in a house surrounded by nothing but forests and meadows. After graduating from fashion school later in life, I felt the call to leave my homeland and experience other parts & cultures of our beautiful planet. Between then and now I've worked several jobs to afford to travel, until in 2020 I found the courage to go all out and start my freelance dream of Studio GRL. That's when the journey of getting in touch with my inner seasons really started for me. My art practice is teaching me to accept my own pace, beyond linear time, and to listen to my body's wisdom and honour its rhythmic nature. 
It's the beauty all around me that is the illumination of my inner world. The Beauty that can only be witnessed when I stop, when I slow down. It is the beauty that is always giving, the beauty that co-exists with all the destruction and chaos in our world.
Your time in Thailand may have brought about profound connections with nature. Could you reflect on any shifts in your bond with the natural world and share which elements resonate most deeply with your personal journey?
When I arrived on Koh Phangan I had no intention of staying, but this floating piece of land became my tropical home for the past year - It was the crystal clear waters of the ocean that made me stay.
As a girl from the mountains, I've always wanted to connect with the heartbeat of the sea and let her deep waters inspire and teach me through her changing tides & moods.
The element of water has changed me; its formless and ever-changing nature has shown me much about my inner emotional world and that change is necessary in order not to become stagnant.
The blending of self-love and nature in a photoshoot creates a remarkable space for self-discovery. Can you recall a specific moment during your shoot with Dean Raphael that left you with a profound connection to your inner self and its synergy with the creative flow?
My journey started before dawn, I felt such magic arriving on set. It is my favourite bay, where we were able to create an intimate space without any other people coming in.
Yes, I do. I can remember a few moments. There was one at the end of my ritual unfolding, when I fully immersed myself in the sea. A moment of floating, closing my eyes and welcoming the morning hours before a rainstorm. It came a few moments after we finished shooting.
Is there a Bluem ritual that deeply resonates with you? Does it inspire anything?
My two favourite rituals are an evening Gua Sha massage with gentle oil treatment after and using the Skin Brush to stimulate circulation before my morning shower.
What does Self Love mean to you? And are there any unique ways that you practise self love?
Self love to me means taking my time.
Time to get out of bed when my body decides to.
Time for ritual  — movement, connecting with nature, writing.
Time to honor my emotions and my sensitivity.
Time to honor the flow of my creative process.
Time beyond linear understanding.

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