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As we honour and embrace the radiance of the full bloom mature feminine, we also celebrate the amazing women in our community whose talents, creativity, and inspiration uplift us all. We care so deeply about supporting and showcasing the empowered women who live with purpose, creativity and intention. By investing in women today, we are investing in a brighter future for their communities and our planet. Deep inside each of us, there is a stirring longing, urging us to connect with our authentic selves, embrace the growth that each day brings, and honour the transformations in our mind, body, and spirit ~ and these incredible women do just that.

Jaz, Kirsty and Abbie….

When three women empowered with creativity and inspiration come together, something truly magical is born. Captured by the beautiful Jaz, with muses Kirsty and Abbie, the feminine energy in this shoot is deep like the ocean; strong and gentle at the same time, mysterious, vulnerable and wild.
Water is the sacred gift of life; she creates life in the womb and nourishes the planet through her rivers, lakes, oceans and rain. Women are anchored in their intuition, allowing their emotions to ebb and flow like the oceans tides. Change is the constant with women and water, they are transformative, fierce and deep with wisdom. She is magical and ever flowing. She moves, births, refreshes, cleanses and nourishes; stagnance isn’t in her nature.
We look to the ocean to be our powerful guide, teaching us to let the feminine flow deeply within, to embody the powerful goddesses we know we are.
If your vessel is pure, we are in one with our
heartbeat - our true essence.
“The beauty of true essence is forever surrounding us. We can often become distracted in this journey we are all experiencing in our unique way. Moving from our childhood to our adult childhood, our  true essence  can become hidden. Buried. Altered. Disconnection playing a crucial role. If we choose for it to.
Our true essence  is like a barcode of our being.
When you live your purpose consciously, you feel joyful & light. Perhaps not in every moment, but there is a deep sense of fulfilment & joy in what you do & who you are. Expressing your  true essence  without holding back. Letting your unique self be felt, seen & heard. Living your purpose by going within, to then express your inner beauty outwards. To express the truth of who you are in a way that feels authentic & enthusiastic is a beautiful path.
If your vessel is pure, we are in one with our heartbeat - our true essence.”
~  Kirsty

Magical photography by @jazimagenwood of gorgeous muses @abbiejones_photography and @old_salty_trek


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