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We had the pleasure of connecting with Annabelle Schuttloffel, a multi faceted artist based in Kaurna/Adelaide, South Australia. Using both digital and analogue forms of photography, she establishes connection to those around her via art communication. Her practice is born from a deep reverence for the natural world and protecting the places which hold our memories. Through her work, she hopes to leave space for contemplation on social and environmental issues by encouraging creativity throughout her local communities. 

Annabelle’s World

We asked Annabelle a few questions on the essence of self love, her personal artistic journey, how she found courage to pursue her creative passions and her unique approach to self love, finding solace and a sense of home by connecting with natural landscapes.

 What does self love mean to you?

Self love, to me, looks like taking time across different mediums to nurture and deepen my relationship to my body and my intuition. At the moment this has looked like dancing, singing, writing poetry and walking in nature.

What inspired you to start following your creative passions?

Over the past few years I have been continually exposed to expressive and artistic communities who encourage me to dance with my creativity in ways which feel natural. I have found deep nurturing from the way photography can share stories of our Earth in ways which perhaps words don’t do full justice. 

If you could give advice to your younger self what would it be?

I would offer my younger self the permission to be as she is. Nothing more, nothing less. To remind her that everything she experiences in each moment is so valid and to trust in the guidance from the universe.

How did you discover Bluem and what plant potion brings you joy?

I discovered Bluem a few years ago when soulful creatives I am highly inspired by; both artistically and by the ways in which they show up in the world; shared their experiences with Bluem. I felt an instant connection to the space Bluem provided for nurturing communities. As someone who has struggled with inflamed skin for most of my adult life, I noticed a reduction in the redness of my skin using Bluem’s Finger Lime serum.. I have found this serum so nurturing for the health of my skin. 

What is an unconventional/unique way you practice self love?

Whenever I want to connect deeply to myself, I look outward (to natural landscapes) to see within. I spend time in nature; sitting under trees, digging my feet into the soil and letting ocean waves roll over me. These practices evoke a feeling of home in both my mind and body.

You can stay up to date with Annabelle's world here: 
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