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Article: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde


10TH MAY 2022 - 3RD JUNE 2022


On May 10, our second Mercury Retrograde of the year began it’s quarterly backwards dance in the sky. The word retrograde means to move backwards, and as Mercury’s orbit around the sun is shorter than ours (88 days opposed to our 365), it laps Earth several times a year; and when it does, an optical illusion occurs making Mercury appear as though it’s in reverse. In astrology, the planet Mercury rules over intellect, communication, travel and technology, and it’s believed that when it’s retrograde, disruptions occur, and these areas of life may feel a little off-balance. So is this something we should be concerned about?

Mercury Retrogrades are known for revisiting memories from the past, inhibiting your intellect and clouding your judgement. Tread cautiously and try to avoid making life ruling decisions/signing important documents and ensure to move throughout the earth with your eyes wide open. From a planetary perspective, there is a disruption in the normal flow of energy however, this doesn’t mean we need to put our lives on hold and wait for the retrograde to pass. Whether you believe that movements in the cosmos influence us here on Earth or not, embracing this energy can be an enlightening chance to slow down, practice self-awareness, gain a new perspective and become a beautiful time for reflection. 



As Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, take this as a cosmic invitation to slow down. Make space for yourself to breathe and acknowledge the areas of your life you’re rushing. As Mercury rules over communication, be deliberate and gentle with your words - if there was ever a time for your words to be lost in translation, this is it. Listen, sit with your intuition and take your time before responding, you will thank yourself later for it. 


Mercury Retrograde is a great time for inner soul reflection, to clear our baggage and tie up any loose ends. Pay attention to any messages or past issues that resurface during this time, and use this energy to work through them. It’s time to take responsibility for any dis~ease in your life and how you respond to unexpected upheavals. How can you prepare your mind, body and soul for unforeseen disruptions? What parts of yourself do you need to work on to flow more effortlessly with the rhythms and cycles of life?


The energy surrounding a Mercury Retrograde is all about disruption, urging us to revisit anything we have put on the back burner, especially our health. Use this time to connect with self, love and the natural world, and regenerate through rituals, meditation, moving your body, and nourishing yourself with nutritious foods. Is your mind, body and soul strong and healthy enough to take the unexpected twist and turns of life, and thrive in the process?

Use this time as a much needed quarterly clean up and be grateful for the opportunity to slow down, recharge and revitalise. Life is a beautiful chaos, so embrace the disconnect and enjoy the ride.

IMAGE SERIES BY ~ @lauren__hogg & @louiejfilms

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