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Article: Love is everywhere, In everything

Love is everywhere, In everything


From dreamy ethereal imagery to a 70s aesthetic with psychedelic flair, Hazily creates films with a transient air, transporting viewers into a world of gentle beauty. Created with the intention of capturing and translating beauty, Hazily is Freya Haley’s videography lovechild. 
Freya has spent the last 6 years developing both her distinct style and
her skills as an editor, director and videographer. She enjoys using her experience to create magic for others; be it sustainable brands, musicians or freelance creatives. With a strong passion for earthy tones, vintage styles, psychedelic “fun” editing and hazy, dreamlike frames, Hazily loves to help translate your vision into reality.


The relationship to the self, like any relationship can go through many ups and downs. At times, the relationship to the self is a calm pool and at others, a wild and ravenous storm battering the cliff face it’s. It is in those stormy seas that our self compassion is put to the test.  True self love is about being able to unconditionally hold and care for yourself.

Even during the hardest of times, it’s a foundation of self trust and genuine care no matter your circumstances. Having a self~care routine and tools that help you to feel grounded and in love with life are essential to navigate the wildest of storms and return to the rock pools of self compassion. Self trust and self~love is everywhere, in everything. It’s up to us whether we choose to see it around us and in ourselves.

A day in the life of Nini Barker ~ Hazily Films captures a serendipitous moment of self reflection with her muse who explores connection to self, love and the natural world. Conception and creation by Hazily Films (Freya Haley).

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