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Article: Tracing Our Kakadu Plum from Seed to Skin

Tracing Our Kakadu Plum from Seed to Skin

In this week’s chapter of our Seed to Skin journey, we travel to Lombadina. 
We had the privilege of being invited on beautiful Bard Country to connect with the Lombadina community who wild harvest the Gubinge (Kakadu Plum) we use in our Bluems.

Welcome to Lombadina, a breathtaking gem nestled on the shores of Thomas Bay, north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula, where crystal clear turquoise waters meet the white sculptures of sand dunes, deep red contours of the earth and luscious greens of Northern Australian bushland. This Indigenous-owned and operated community is a haven of tranquillity, where deep cultural heritage of the Bard People is found in every inch of these beautiful lands.
The Bard People of the Lombadina Community are saltwater people, and the ocean has been an eternal lifeline for the Bard peoples for countless generations. The sea not only provides sustenance but also holds deep spiritual significance that echoes through the ages.
History finds its place in Lombadina, where the community's journey has been marked by growth and transformation. Once a mission settlement, it blossomed into the empowering Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation in 1985, dedicating itself to the well-being and prosperity of its members. Today, this vibrant community has flourished with the creation of small businesses in tourism, accommodation, tours, and civil construction, embracing self-sufficiency and economic sustainability.

It is on these lands that wild harvesting of the Gubinge that is found in our Kakadu Plum Radiance Serum takes place - a precious fruit that has been used by Indigenous people for its beneficial properties. As you journey through Lombadina, you'll feel the warm embrace of the local hospitality, guided by the knowledge and wisdom of the Bard People. The Kimberley region’s allure unfolds - with the Bard People of the Lombadina Community as your guide, you can catch a fresh feast of mud crab or take a kayak tour and spend time snorkelling in crystal clear waters abundant with sea life.
We are so grateful to have experienced Lombadina, to have embraced the splendour of its landscapes and connected with the richness of its culture and warmth of its people. This is why we work with NATIVE EXTRACTS, a company of innovators who have been working with and alongside the Bard People for 10 years, developing opportunities for the growth of native plants and the community that surrounds them.

For more information, and to experience the magic of Lombadina for yourself, visit

Imagery by @deanraphael of @lombadina with special thanks to our ethical partner and facilitator @nativeextracts_official

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