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Article: Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon


A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition in the cosmos. Full Moons offer a time of powerful illumination, clarity and a loving release of all that is not serving the highest good for all. They shine a light on what you may not have known before. This is a beautiful cosmic invitation to take part in a sacred ritual of self inquiry, inner exploration and cleansing.  Allow the vibrant light and energy of this potent time on Earth to connect to your infinite being. Invite the light of the Full Moon to illuminate and cleanse all that is no longer in alignment. Welcome the energy of unknown and beautiful possibilities to connect with you and your life.


Libra naturally magnetises harmony, balance and beauty in all aspects of life; especially within relationships. When Libra is being activated in the Cosmos, it signifies a potent time to explore the current dynamics and energies within all of the relationships in your life. Every relationship you have is a mirror reflecting back to you, which exists to shine a light on the elements of your soul, being and personality. This higher perspective shift allows you to view all partnerships as an opportunity for deeper growth and evolution. It is a reminder of the interconnection that we all share as human beings on Planet Earth. We are all deeply intertwined, connected and more similar than we know. This Full Moon is activated during a very rare and potent
manifestation portal. 

Beautiful, lucky and expansive Jupiter is connecting with ethereal Neptune in the cosmos. This has the potential to change everything, accelerate your manifestations and awaken the heart centered energy of the collective. It’s bringing all of your divine desires closer to you; allowing you to feel the energy of your up levelled self. It’s the awakening of your divine creative potential.It’s the collective heart expansion.This is a deeply spiritual and abundant time on Earth. The astrology of this Full Moon and conjunction is literally what magic is made of. 


Astrologer, mentor and mama, Nicola Moonflower is on a journey of self discovery to guide women to embody their highest potential. She offers Astrology and mentoring for coaches, healers, soulpreneurs and business owners seeking to utilise the codes within Astrology to propel their life, business or relationships to the next level.



Aries Sun & Rising 

Divine unions | sacred marriage | inner peace | balanced energetic exchanges 

Your playful & adventurous spirit can thrive when you exist in relationships & partnerships that celebrate you. This Full Moon is an activating reminder that you are worthy of a ‘full body yes’ & deep pleasure within all connections in your existence. 

"I embody my deepest pleasure & desires in my relationships." 

Taurus sun & rising 

Reverence of the physical | embodiment | pleasure portal with Mother Earth 

As a grounded earth being, you are naturally intertwined with the cyclic rhythms of Earth. This Full Moon is highlighting the importance for you to be in constant connection with rituals that ground, harmoniSe & balance your energy. 

"I allow my energy to ground into Mother Earth & absorb peace. "

Gemini sun & rising 

Creative expression | anchoring joy & play | balance | peace 

This Full Moon & Manifestation Portal is a powerful and rare opportunity to manifest your deepest desires & soulful creations into fruition. You are naturally designed to flow & birth your creative expression into the world. During this Full Moon, there is an abundance of supportive energy in the cosmos opening your channel & guiding you to
share your creations. 

"My creativity is the divine expressed through me. "

Cancer sun & rising 

Reinvigorating environment | ancestral connections | sacred balance of feminine & masculine 

You are naturally intuitive & it is highly important for you to cleanse your environment often. Clearing out the old, (energetic or physical) clutter allows you to thrive in your home space and your life. The impact that a harmonious & high vibrational space has on your life is unparalleled. 

This ritual of cleansing allows you to accelerate all of your desires & manifestations.

"I am deeply aligned, grounded & thriving in my environment." 

Leo sun & rising 

Throat activation | speaking dreams into existence | celebration | self expression

This Full Moon is a potent activation, reminding you that you have all the power & codes to consciously speak your deepest desires into existence. Your thoughts and words are mystical spells that compel the Universe; use them consciously. It is vital for your existence to allow your creative soul to be seen, heard & lovingly celebrated! 

"I allow my creative expression to be celebrated."

Virgo sun & rising 

Mystical money magnetism | receptivity | self-love activation 

You are innately designed for abundance, wealth, expansion & impact. It is in your Soul Codes. This Full Moon is an opportunity for you to align to this inherent energy in your being. Can you welcome the softer frequency of receptivity? During this potent manifestation portal; inquire to see if there may be any blocks currently inhibiting the flow of receptive energy.

"I am open to receive abundance, magic & my desires."

Libra sun & rising 

Self leadership | inner clarity | manifested potential | aligned motivation 

The Full Moon is a divine opportunity for you to reacquaint yourself with your desires, dreams, manifestations & hopes. This potent energy is being channeled to remind you of your inner power in how you lead yourself in your life. Self inquiry is the gateway to your most fulfilling, satisfying & abundant timeline. 

"I lead myself with courage & openness."

Scorpio sun & rising 

Heightened psychic sensitivity | connection to soul | mystical energy | dreamer 

There is potent, spiritual & intuitive energy infusing your life with the illumination of this Full Moon. As a Scorpio, you are already deeply in harmony with ‘the underworld’ or spiritual world; however, this is a time of heightened awareness. Allow yourself to dream big & be open to the mystical opportunities that could present themselves to
you at this time. 

"My energy is clear, open & receptive to miracles."  

Sagittarius sun & rising 

Soulful connections | aligned partnerships | community 

You are a naturally open, inquisitive & expansive being. Aligning with like-minded people around is an integral element for your life & relationships to thrive and flourish. With this Full Moon, it is so important for you to create connections & experiences that light you up and turn you on. Your energy is magnetic & expansive for those around you. 

"I am open & receptive to connecting with my soul mates in this lifetime." 

Capricorn sun & rising 

Dharma | soul purpose alignment | legacy | creative expression 

You are innately coded with the desire to contribute to the world and align with your Soul mission. This Full Moon & manifestation portal is THE time to birth your creative endeavours into the world. Allow this incredibly powerful energy to infuse clarity, empowerment & confidence in your chosen soul path and purpose. 

"I am in complete alignment with my Soul Mission."


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