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Article: Introducing The Archetype Rituals

Introducing The Archetype Rituals


Designed to keep your and your loved ones grounded this holiday season.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of gifting and curated the perfect conscious, slow, female founded offerings for every archetype and put them in one place to support you in experiencing as much presence, pause and calm throughout this festive season. Inspired by the magic of The Alchemist, the unity of The Holy Trinity, the power of The Manifestor and our reverence for The Matriarch… honour the women in your life with gifts that will elevate their self love rituals with festive magic and will nurture their spirit, dreams and desires. 




Elevate your self love ritual and awaken the alchemist within. Take a moment to pause and kneel at the ceramic altar of self love. Awaken your inner spirit with grounding incense and take this time to heal your divine self from the inside out and let our potions transcend you to the natural world. Use this time for introspection, the answers you have been seeking have been inside you all along, you just needed a moment to pause.


The Manifestor aligns with all that she dreams to be, to feel, to experience and to embody herself as the conductor of life’s unique journey. Plant the seeds for the future and pour your wildest dreams and desires into your Dreamy Moons journal. Envision and awaken your intentions, light your candle and infuse them with magic. Finish with the healing powers of Finger Lime and soak your cells in nature ~ the greatest manifestor of all.


The Matriarch uplifts and protects her tribe with all of her reverence and love, but sometimes she needs a moment to pause. Embrace and honour your divine feminine gift you offer to the world. Breathe deep and let this lavender infused candle take you elsewhere and as it burns a tea cup is left behind to honour your feminine rhythm with cyclical herbs. Finish this practice with the power of Kakadu Plum to re-ignite your internal flame and remember, You are held here.


The Holy Trinity ritual is designed to nurture you entirely from head to toe. Three spirits aligned in value, unique by nature while complementing each other in a synergy so effortlessly divine. Let Hinu’s botanical wisdom infuse your hair with divinity, while Bluem’s potent fruits protect you while you dance throughout the earth. Move into your body and massage your womb with Tutti’s gifts from the moon and harness the power of these three potions created for you, by you, to support you from head to toe.

Your unique ritual awaits...

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