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Article: International Women's Month

International Women's Month

Today is International Women’s Day!  Celebrating, connecting and uplifting women is something we at Bluem feel deeply about. Which is why we want an entire month to explore and honour women who inspire us to bask in our vulnerability, redefine beauty standards and forge women’s empowerment to create a world that is diverse, equitable, inclusive and free from bias. We want Bluem to be more than a skincare range. We want it to be an inclusive and empowering way of being, a way of loving, a way of slowing down and reminding yourself that you matter too.


The 2022 International Women’s Day theme is ‘Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’. Sadly women face a far higher risk of vulnerability when exposed to disasters and conflict, and are widely under-utilised and ignored when developing solutions. Empowering women to have a voice is what we aim to achieve. It is important to recognise the knowledge, skills and wisdom women possess and harnessing their power to conserve natural resources, change the climate of gender equality and nurture the planet to create a healthier, more sustainable future.


As a female founded brand, empowering women is at the forefront of everything we do. As an environmental engineer, activist, model, mother and most importantly, a young woman, Montana, our founder, shares how important a woman’s voice is and why we should celebrate her every day.

“It’s when a woman takes a stand, speaks up, says ‘yes’ when she was taught to say ‘no’. She doesn’t just do it for herself, she does it for every woman before and after her.  The truth is, women today are overcoming thousands of years of shame, being underestimated and voiceless multiple times before they even eat their breakfast each morning. A day to celebrate what it takes to be a modern woman is inconsequential. We need an entire month - heck, let’s make it a lifetime.”

-Montana Lower, (Founder Of Bluem)


We teamed up with Amy from @sunnydazecreative to capture a series of powerful images that celebrate women of all forms, from all walks. Everything we create with Bluem aims to explore a much deeper narrative and understanding of the philosophy of self love and sustainability. We were honoured to create something meaningful with Amy that explored a deep connection to self, love and the natural world through her point of view.

"Our souls are attracted to people the same way as flowers are attracted to the sun. 
Surround yourself only with those who want you to thrive and grow. 
We owe it to ourselves to become everything that we have ever dreamed of being."

- Amy (Sunny Daze Creative)


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