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Article: Finger Lime & Kakadu Plum ~ What's the difference?

Finger Lime & Kakadu Plum ~ What's the difference?

Our Self Love Serum Kit has been designed to nurture and nourish your skin and the natural goddess inside. But why have we chosen the powerful Australian super foods, Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum to be the heroes in our serums, and how does this simple self care ritual have everything you need for healthy, glowing skin?


When you have healthy and flourishing skin it is well hydrated, even in colour, smooth in texture and isn’t experiencing inflammation in the form of breakouts, dryness, skin sensitivity or reactive conditions. If your skin barrier is damaged your healthy complexion and protective function are compromised. When looking for ways to protect our skin whilst revealing our natural glow, we discovered Finger Lime and Kakadu Plum. Finger Lime to nurture your skin barrier, keep moisture in and inflammation at bay; and once your skin barrier is happy we have Kakadu Plum to nourish your cells, boost collagen production, increase skin vitality and brighten your complexion.


The first step to healthy skin is to repair and strengthen your skin barrier. When your barrier is damaged you experience excess moisture loss. Imagine a damaged skin barrier is a bucket of water with a hole in it. It doesn’t matter how much water you pour into the bucket to keep it full, the problem lies with the hole. Fix the hole (skin barrier) and the water (moisture) will hold. Our Finger Lime serum is designed to work on a cellular level to heal your epidermis and keep your barrier healthy and hydrated. This is why we recommend Finger Lime for ALL skin types. Keeping your skin barrier strong means you are protected from toxins, moisture loss and bacteria which can cause breakouts, dryness and reactive skin conditions like eczema.


Did you know that the body doesn’t naturally produce its own Vitamin-C? It is vital for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. This is why we have sourced our Vitamin-C from the powerful Kakadu Plum, as it holds the highest recorded concentration of Vitamin-C of any fruit in the world. This potent plant potion is filled with antioxidants which fight free radicals (pollution, UV rays, poor diet) and inhibits melanin production which means it can help reduce pigmentation. The rich Vitamin-C also works to promote collagen production which can reduce fine lines and scarring, whilst improving skin elasticity. But before you lather this powerful serum all over your beautiful face, it is important to understand that if you have not treated skin inflammation, the high levels of Vitamin-C in Kakadu Plum may irritate your sensitive skin. It’s important to treat inflammation before anything else. We find learning about and practicing 'Intuitive Skincare' helps you understand what your skin needs in this case.


1. Cleanse  
Soul Cleansing Bar

Designed for the face and to be enjoyed all over the body this natural cleanser has been made with love and Australian essential oils to help remove dirt, excess oil and make up from the skin.

2. Exfoliate 
Konjac Sponge

Just add water to this biodegradable sponge to help gently exfoliate and revive your glow without altering your skins natural rhythms and flows. 

3. Heal (AM) 
Finger Lime Serum

Take 3 drops of potent fruit, massage deeply into your skin in the morning to help protect and nurture you as you dance throughout your week.

4. Hydrate (PM)  
Kakadu Plum Serum

Take 3 drops of potent fruit, massage deeply into your skin in the evening to help nourish and hydrate you while you sleep.

Image series by @becomingmotherphotography

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