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Article: Earth Day ~ Invest in our planet

Earth Day ~ Invest in our planet

April 22nd of every year we celebrate Earth Day, a day that has its roots founded in rallies and demonstrations of the 1970s that went on to create institutional protections for the environment. This year's theme is “Invest in our planet”, a call to action for us collectively to take tiny steps that can make a huge difference in protecting our planet. Bluem was born out of the deep intention to help heal our people and our planet, in every one of our plant potions lies a continual commitment to true sustainability and nurturing our community. This year we have 3 simple tips all rooted in investing in, and honouring, our beautiful planet and ourselves. 

1 ~ Sow seeds

The act of investing must always start with the sowing of seeds, so why not plant actual seeds in your space? There is immense joy and beauty in watching the magic of growth and harvesting the fruits of your labour. By doing so, you're not only reducing your carbon footprint, but you're also creating a space for biodiversity to thrive. If your circumstances make it difficult to do so, find a community garden and connect with like-minded people to grow together and share knowledge about sustainable living. As you make your way through your day, take the time to slow down and appreciate the pollinators that visit the plants around you. Bees, butterflies, and other insects play a crucial role in our ecosystem, and by taking note and connecting with their beauty and importance, you'll be more motivated to protect them.

2 ~ Invest in the future

The banking industry is a major contributor to climate change, as many banks are still lending to some of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies who, in turn, are planning to use these funds for new or expanded coal mines, coal ports and gas fields. In recent years, we’ve experienced some of our worst bushfires and floods on record, all while fretting about more droughts or water shortages. To make a positive impact, you can check where your bank stands with fossil fuel investments (for our Australian community a helpful comparison can be found here). A company whose operations are based in draining important resources, such as water, to gain finite commodities (like fossil fuels) will eventually run at a loss. By switching to a bank that invests in renewable energy, you're sending a clear message that you value sustainability and are committed to investing in our planet's future.

3 ~ Nurture yourself, nurture the planet 

Looking after yourself is one of the most important things you can do in order to look after the planet. In moments of auto-pilot, or rushing to rise to the challenges of modern life, we can be the most wasteful and damaging to our planet. Take the time to connect with the earth in whatever way feels most meaningful to you. Whether it's nourishing yourself with a fresh and nutritious meal, practicing yoga outside, or simply sitting in the sun and feeling the warmth on your skin, slowing down and creating a self love ritual is an important way to feel more grounded and connected to the planet we call home. 


Photography by Alisha Gore.

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