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Article: Dark Spots, Scarring and Hyperpigmentation ~ Embracing Radiance with Kakadu Plum

Dark Spots, Scarring and Hyperpigmentation ~ Embracing Radiance with Kakadu Plum

Concerned about pigmentation? Scarring? It’s essential to approach skincare with a grounded foundation of Self Love and holistic health. Our skin, the body’s largest organ and the canvas that tells our story, deserves the utmost care and appreciation. Embrace your natural shine, beauty and light. As we dance throughout the earth life throws us curve balls and imbalances occur; this can sometimes make us feel dull, our skin sleepy and it feels we have lost our sparkle.

Managing skin hyperpigmentation and the nourishing power of Kakadu Plum 

If pigmentation or uneven skin tone is the current focus of your skin journey, then adding Kakadu Plum - nature’s best source of Vitamin C and high in Gallic Acid - to your skin ritual will aid you with reduction of hyperpigmentation, scarring and brighten your overall complexion and inner radiance.
To best understand how our Kakadu Plum Serum targets hyperpigmentation it’s important to know that there are different types: 
Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH):
Skin trauma like acne, eczema, cuts and scrapes can set off the body’s inflammatory response. As the body heals, melanin takes its time to recalibrate, often leaving behind spots that can vary from pink to dark brown.
Often caused by hormonal fluctuations - an interplay of oestrogen, progesterone, family history and sun exposure, melasma can lead to patches of hyperpigmentation, typically on the face. 
These freckled patches emerge from the sun’s tender embrace. Unlike melasma, lentigines bear no allegiance to hormones and appear as individual sports, ranging from light tan to dark brown. 
Our Kakadu Plum serum contains an entourage of active and potent phytocompounds to help with the various factors that can cause pigmentation. As a potent antioxidant, Vitamin C (a compound the body can’t produce on its own) helps to reduce oxidative stress, whilst its natural melanin inhibiting properties aid to fade dark spots and even out skin tone. Alongside this, Gallic Acid is also an inhibitor of melanin synthesis, and has great anti-inflammatory properties, whilst also promoting effective wound healing. 
Incorporating our active and potent Kakadu Plum serum into your Self Love ritual, paired with the devoted application of a natural sunscreen (we’re here to provide recommendations) will help to protect your skin and while working to gently reduce the presence of hyperpigmentation. Remember, approaching skincare from a place of Self Love sets the stage for a transformative journey towards healthy, glowing skin.


Incredible imagery by @alinvlee with creative help of @alyshasherri

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