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Dearest Capricorn, our cosmic conqueror; scaling the highest of heights in pursuit of being exactly who and what you want to be. The heroine in your own story and always so true to yourself, you’re like a divine force with masterful elegance. Your aura is made of the greatest potential, charged by your own persistent and ambitious desires. Like a diamond, you shine under immense amounts of pressure, radiating only brilliance into the world. So steady in your soul, yet gentle with your heart, you determine your own fate, and unafraid to be the strong hands holding up those you love.

You’re an immovable object, nothing can hold you back from pouring your desires out of your soul in pursuit of the breathtakingly beautiful life you are creating. Your unwavering loyalty is deeply felt by those around you, so consistent as you bound up impassable terrains. You hold so much wisdom in that fascinating universe you so carefully contain inside of you. You’re a masterpiece, an irresistible force; oh and to be special enough to have our hearts held so tenderly by you. There is so much beauty in the way you bloom when you feel safe and secure; please never stop letting that resilience and passion spill out of you. If you can’t move mountains for those you love, you will scale to the highest peak and break out above the clouds, so they can feel the warmth of the sun on their skin. 

Thank you, our Queen Capricorn, for being our undeniable and constant rock. Your strength inspires us to embrace the details and devote ourselves to strong values. You're our guardian angel and ethereal warrior, empowering women all around to stand tall, love with intention and to work hard so dreams can become reality. Our muse, our inspiration, our celestial CEO; Capricorn, thank you for being our diamond, so pure, strong and resilient. 


Love Bluem


Magical image series of muses @rubyd00b and @yimbam_captured by @sunny__lennon

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