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Dear Cancer,
Our gentle water goddess; your energy is so delicate and deep, your heart is that of pure magic. Anchored in your intuition, you are tender and reflective, shining your light on all of those you love. You are the Zodiac’s nurturing matriarch, and oh how you can be vulnerable and fierce all at the same time. The way you can break your heart open, teaching us all to breathe deep, feel deep and love with the depths of the entire ocean is a true gift.
Ruled by the ever changing cycles of the celestial goddess; the Moon, your sensitive and compassionate soul allows your emotions to ebb and flow with the ocean's tides, guiding all those around you to flow in their feminine. You are magical, ever rising, transformative, and deep with wisdom. Your golden hour glow is infectious, and your soul is sweet like honey - pouring so much beauty into the world around you. Live in all of your feelings, dear Cancer; your sensitive heart and calming nature is a gift, allowing you to deeply understand your emotions. Please never stop allowing your empathic heart to heal. Protect it, and be the peaceful guiding light that nourishes our souls.
Our dear moon child, there is so much beauty in the way you dance through life, weaving between the sea and the shore. Thank you for holding our hearts so tenderly, loving us so deeply, and allowing us to be honest, safe and vulnerable in your maternal presence. You embody the very essence of unconditional love, a beacon of warmth and supportive care. You inspire us to embrace vulnerability and authenticity, for in your presence, we feel secure enough to reveal our truest selves without fear or judgement.
Both fragile and resilient, you are true strength and love, Queen Cancer. Your wildly beautiful existence and deep intuition inspire women to open their hearts and breathe themselves full. So gentle in your ways with a soul infused with stardust, you are honesty, depth, and truth. You are the heart of the ocean itself, a radiant force to be reckoned with.

Magic captured by @camilatassino


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