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Article: Cacoa Ritual ~ Raven Tuala

Cacoa Ritual ~ Raven Tuala

Let’s be honest, we’re all indulging in a bit of chocolate this time of year and there’s no shame in that. At Bluem we look to plants as a powerfully medicinal tool to elevate our wellbeing and cacao is no exception. Engaging with cacao as a ritual is a beautiful way to calm and ground yourself, to open your heart for intention setting, and to connect deeply to yourself and others. 

Cacao is an ancient elixir utilised  for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies by Mayan culture for its medicinal and spiritual purposes; it provides clarity, inner-healing, creative guidance and a releases negativity. It’s traditional to use Ceremonial Grade Cacao due to its higher vibrational energetics which comes from the intention, care and gratitude put into the harvesting and sourcing practices. It is important to ensure that the cacao you’re consuming is sourced ethically and sustainably to honour not only the spirit of cacao, but yourself and mother earth. 

A daily cacao ritual can sooth your nervous system, boost immunity, sharpen the mind and elevate your mood; and is a powerful way to bask in your vulnerability to connect to your true self. At Bluem we believe in simple, self care rituals, which is why we love the simplicity found in the organic, ethically sourced, adaptogenic hot chocolate from Social Alchemy. Packed with medicinal mushrooms, superfoods  and organic ingredients to assist with your body slowing down, speeding up, and simply adapting to what you need. 


Here is a ritual I use to begin my morning to bring ceremony into everyday life. This was passed onto me by a Sister and now onto you. Open your heart space, hold your intention, express gratitude for this moment and surrender your mind, body and spirit to deepen its connection with one’s self. 


Brew drink of choice (Social Alchemy cacao with medicinal mushrooms is my favourite substitute for coffee).


Stir clockwise to set an intention for your day. Think ~ welcoming abundance, embracing patience, being open to miracles, forgiveness.


Stir anticlockwise with thoughts of what to let go of. Think: mental blocks, beliefs of scarcity, old hurts.. 


Never underestimate the power of plants. Witness your energy transform and dance throughout the day. Come back to your intention to ground you.


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