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Article: Behind The Scenes ~ Shooting 'Bluem'

Behind The Scenes ~ Shooting 'Bluem'

 There were a few reasons I wanted to create my own skincare brand: 

  1. So I knew exactly what was in it and could make it as clean and simple as possible
  2. That whatever is used to create it (products, packaging etc) would go straight back to people and the earth from which it came 
  3. So I could bring my baby to work and never have to feel bad about it!

It has been such a huge transition going from ‘model’ to brand designer and e v e r y t h i n g that entails. But I am taking a moment to feel proud to be stepping into my power and couldn’t have done it without my little girl. 🙏😅

In this episode we show what it looks like to be a working mum, photoshoot and more details on my skincare line launching soon - Bloom. Sold exclusively On The Way.

More about Bluem

Bluem is an ethical and sustainable skincare range that is inspired by the simplicity of nature and my career in clean beauty and activism.

We have traced the full supply chain for our serums, sourcing key ingredients from Indigenous communities in rural Australia. We have done this to work with ancient traditions and uses of these plants, respecting Australia’s culture and what is holistically best for our environment. 

Introducing the range; 

  • Finger Lime Serum - best for sensitive skin, dry skin, may help improve the health of your skin barrier function. 
  • Kakadu Plum Vitamin-C Boost - best for healthy skin, may help reduce the signs of aging, rosacea and give you a healthy skin glow. 
  • Konjac Sponge - Use JUST water to cleanse. Small batch manufacturing practices allows us to bring a limited number of gentle exfoliation sponges to Australia from Japan every 6 months. 
  • Soaps - 100% natural vegan friendly handmade soap trio - These beautifully hand crafted natural soaps are off cuts from large production that are otherwise directed to landfill. This is limited edition product and I have chosen to close our beauty routine in this way to offset waste while still providing a quality product for everyday use.

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