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Article: Banksia Awards

Banksia Awards



Earlier this year, we were honoured by the Banksia Foundation and awarded a finalist for the Ethical Sourcing category for the 33rd Annual Sustainability Awards. Bluem is our hearts work, a vessel to help heal our people and the earth. Since our conception we have ensured to create a climate positive business model that prioritises the planet, which is why we are incredibly grateful to be recognised by such an esteemed organisation. The Banksia Foundation is a not-for-profit, internationally recognised organisation that believes in the power of social and environmental impact through community engagement and sustainable business practices. The Banksia Foundation just released their edition of the ‘Sustainability Success Stories’ and we are so grateful to be a part of it.

Bluem was founded to set a new benchmark for sustainability and self care. Unlike a traditional approach which leaves sustainability as an afterthought, Bluem started with the question: “How can we heal the earth, while healing ourselves?”.
Though it is not even a year old, the skincare brand has already donated thousands of dollars to various charities supporting intersectional pillars of sustainability; become the first climate positive beauty brand, raised awareness for activist causes and is in the final stages of their B Corp Certification.
"Female founded, family owned, vegan, natural, science backed, Australian made and prioritising supporting indigenous communities, Bluem is a pioneer for showing how it is not only possible, but ESSENTIAL to follow a profit for purpose business model. Bluem was founded by mother and environmental engineer, Montana Lower."

Before starting her own business, she had led a colourful career in greening urban spaces as an environmental engineer, exposing & improving the realities of manufacturing in developing nations, representing Australia at the united nations headquarters for the largest animal rights campaign in history, exploring the reality and impact of international fair trade agreements and being a global brand ambassador for innovative brands setting the benchmark for sustainability.

At the time of starting Bluem, Montana had just fallen pregnant and was becoming increasingly alarmed with the seemingly ‘natural’ beauty products she was using that were not recommended to use while pregnant. Committed to the value that if it wasn’t good enough for her baby, it wasn’t good enough for her - she began to search for a product that effectively cared for her skin, while also being more natural. What she quickly learned was that while there were many natural products, they didn’t have the scientific backing and furthermore, nothing on the market had transparency or impactful give back programs.

Montana never set out on a mission to start a skincare label, she just wanted to create something for herself, give back to our planet and make it easier for others to do that too. Montana had always believed and had been scientifically resounded, that nature has the answers we are looking for, we just need to quieten our busy lives enough to listen. All while inspiring women all over the world to connect to themselves and nature, rewiring social constructs of the modern beauty industry to prove that when it comes to skincare, less is more and that it's truly what's on the inside that counts.

In this, her unconventional approach to finding a skincare led her down a research path of biomimicry (the practice of looking to nature for inspiration to solve design problems in a regenerative way). This led to the utilisation of the innovative process of CELLULAR EXTRACTION, a unique method that extracts the essence of a plant in extremely high potency as close as possible to how they would exist in nature. And while this process increased the overall integrity of the product creating a transformational skincare solution, it also created transparency with suppliers, ability to work with wild harvested plants and rural indigenous communities, increase the efficiency usage of plant material, reducing bio-waste, creating the solutions based on rainwater and above all, returning majority of the profits to nature for the deep healing required to get our planet back on track.

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