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Dear Aries, your lust for life burns so passionately in your veins, and your soul emits a warmth like no other. So much courage in your unfaltering spirit, your deliberate nature inspires others to leave their comfort zone and live more authentically in the now.⁠

Please don't ever dull your shine to appease others; just like a fire, you are vibrant, vivacious and cannot be controlled. You are the heroine to your own story. ⁠There is so much generosity in your heart, dear Aries; you would move heaven and earth for those you love. You wear your courage like a crown and your heart on your sleeve, as women all around you bask in the glow of your fierce independence and bold soul. ⁠

You live for the present, searing through life head first, embracing all that life has to give. You remind us that we deserve to glow in all of our ways. The fiery chaos within you is beautiful, and your heart thrives on a challenge. Your quest for adventure and playful nature is what makes you so attractive to others, like a moth to a flame.

You're like a vibrant sunset on a warm summer’s afternoon, the electric heat of adrenaline that sears through your veins before embarking on an adventure, and that feeling you get when everything goes exactly the way you had envisioned. Your majesty, our fearless warrior, and OG boss lady, who always helps a queen find her crown. Thank you dear Aries, for illuminating the path with your wildfire ways and tender heart.⁠

Love Bluem⁠ x

⁠Magic captured by @deanraphael of beautiful muse @beetsplayground

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