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Article: An Ode to our Beautiful Founder

An Ode to our Beautiful Founder

In honour of our fearless founder’s 29th rotation around the sun, we would love to take this opportunity to introduce her to all the beautiful new souls who have recently joined our Self Love community.
Meet Montana Lower; environmental engineer, artist, activist, devoted mother, and founder of Bluem.
Montana's diverse journey, from environmental engineering to international modelling, has been enriched by her global explorations, exposing the realities of foreign trade and the dark side of the beauty industry. These experiences have shaped Bluem's essence, redefining the narratives of beauty and launching our mission to rewild the beauty industry to heal the people and the planet.
But who was Montana before Bluem? Before she embarked on her journey to find sustainable self care solutions for everyday needs and ultimately, heal the relationship between self worth and our earth?
Montana was raised in harmony with nature; from starting out life on the beautiful coral coast of Fiji, to going through school in a small town in North Queensland. Living in these communities, where transparency is a way of life, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the impact we as people have on the environment. To her, advocating for the natural world has always been second nature.
After being awarded a full scholarship to study at the Queensland University of Technology, Montana left her small town for the big city (Brisbane) where she went on to graduate with a double degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. To her, she loved how the possibilities for engineering were endless and developing everyday. It was an opportunity to make a difference in the way the world works in ways people haven’t thought of yet. 
Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to immerse herself in rural communities in Ghana and Cambodia, unearthing the reality of fair trade and traceable ingredients. Through a scholarship program in Cambodia, Montana expanded her horizons, gaining qualifications in humanitarian engineering and designing innovative infrastructure that honoured traditional wisdom with modern day efficiency.
Montana's passionate activism led her to represent Australia in the world's largest campaign against animal testing in cosmetics, earning her an invitation to the United Nations headquarters in New York. As the Australian Ambassador alongside The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International, they gathered over 8 million signatures, igniting a resounding call for compassion and ethical practices.
Before sustainability became a cultural movement, Montana's voice echoed as one of the original sustainability activists on social media, inspiring countless individuals to embrace conscious choices. This led to her launching a Not-for-profit, ‘Murals for Change’, which was all about connecting people with causes they’re passionate about while painting murals, making friends and learning how to create meaningful change in their everyday lives. 
Bluem blossomed during Montana's pregnancy with her daughter, Blue, when she discovered the disheartening reality that many skincare products she once relied on were unsuitable for this sacred time. Guided by her natural lifestyle and years of activism, Montana embarked on a quest to find an alternative solution that would honour her values while delivering the results she sought. 
Fueling Montana's unwavering determination was the vision of natural ingredients in their purest, most potent form, traceability, female foundership, a generous give-back program, and inherent sustainability. These qualities were scarce in the beauty landscape thus, Bluem emerged as a catalyst for radical change, an embodiment of her activist spirit intertwined with a transformative venture.

Now, Montana resides in the Byron Hinterland on a farm with her daughter Blue, and envisions Bluem evolving beyond skincare offering sustainable self-care for everyday needs that are long term healing solutions, uniting self-worth and the well-being of our planet in harmonious synergy.

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